Monday, May 7, 2012

Slash @ Ram's Head Live 5/3/2012

Slash (featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators *whew*) came to RAM's Head Live for the first stop on his Apocalyptic Love tour to a sold out show. I had to stand near the back. Slash had a bunch of merch - Bandana (15), LIVE CD/DVD (30), shirts for the new album (35), a few other things I don't recall.

Brand New Sin opened. They had a different singer than the last time I saw them (back opening for Black Label Society in like...2001 or something). They played their one song I recognized (My World), and some other songs that sounded more like Black Stone Cherry. Their old singer was way better than this guy. They just seemed a bit generic. They are at about the same level as they were about 10 years ago. Maybe lower. Not bad, but not great. An OK opener.
(may update later w/ a setlist for them as I'm waiting for my car to be serviced)

Slash came on around 9:45 and played until about 11:30. They had a bunch of dynamic lighting, but not much of a theatric show beyond that. But they didn't really need one, I thought. Slash was jumping around a bit near the beginning, and the bass player and Myles were pretty energetic. Soundwise, they were great- at least from where I was standing. Solid, the sound was very similar to that 'Made in Stoke' release that Slash put out recently - very close if not spot on to what their live sound was. Myles may suffer a little from 'everything in the same tone/drone syndrome' and sometimes lyrics were a bit hard to distinguish, but that's how he sounded on that live album too. Regardless, I thought he did a very good job.

People were NOT very responsive during most songs. They were cheering and hootin' and hollering after each song, tho- so they must have been enjoying it. The biggest reactions were for the GNR songs and (I thought surprisingly) a couple of the Velvet Revolver songs that I was pretty unfamiliar with. I just thought it was odd that most people were mostly motionless except for a few people jumping up and down and a small group of people near the front pumping fists and the like. I noticed a couple other headbangers, but I felt like I was the only one really moving. This whole feeling was similar to the Within Temptation show I went to last year... Well to each his own.

There were a couple of songs that I thought I had taken better notes on- but apparently I just have question marks.

Highly recommended. A bit pricey (~$40 US dollars), but if you like Slash's solo stuff, GNR, Velvet Revolver, or some combination then I have to say you will enjoy this show. I thought the Velvet Revolver stuff sounded better here than on the albums, but still overrated. We got a couple new songs- they sounded pretty good. Not great, but not horrible. Pretty cool. I left as Paradise City (when suddenly... confetti... shot out from the stage) was winding have to jump start my car. Buzzkill.

No Pits were seen.

  • Mean bone
  • Dirty Little Thing (Velvet Revolver)
  • Ghost
  • Night train (lively crowd)
  • Rocket queen w solo (GNR)
  • Short guitar jam
  • Back From Cali ( restarted due to ? some reason that I missed, Myles was trying not to laugh. I think someone missed their cue)
  • Sucker Train Blues (Velvet Revolver)
  • Standing in the Sun (New Song)
  • Fall to Pieces (Velvet revolver) (a lot of applause. Apparently )
  • Dr Alibi (bass player sang on this song)
  • Speed Parade (Slash's SnakePit)
  • Watch This-(3 guitar jam w/ Myles on guitar)
  • Starlight
  • You're a Lie ? (New Song- video out soon)
  • My Michelle (2 guys jumping.)
  • Just Like Anything (Slash's Snakepit)
  • Sweet child O' Mine (GNR)
  • band intros
  • guitar wankery to -
  • Slither (Velvet Revolver)
  • -----------------11:15
  • By the Sword
  • Paradise City (GNR)
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