Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kamelot @ Empire 9/14/2012

Went to see Kamelot with Milla, John, and Kate as the final show of the metal show gauntlet this week. I got tix before hand ($20) from the local band A Sound of Thunder. Cassandra Syndrome and A Sound of Thunder opened for them, but we got there too late to see Cassandra Syndrome. There were a lot of people there, the floor was packed. It was even rough as we had to park further away. I was looking forward to this show for a while, as I am a big Kamelot fan. Dorothy showed up at some point too- I think she has some business dealings with Alissa from the Agonist. Dave was there too and we totally chatted about METAL and WRESTLING. cool!

We got there a little bit before A Sound of Thunder came on. They had an odd set, compared to what they usually have. I think I would have liked to have heard another song instead of the short guitar solo (which was good tho). Someone was messing with their sound, cause I kept hearing the bass drum kick in and out. I dunno what happened, but they did not get to play their last song ("A Sound of Thunder")- they were cut off and the PA started playing. This was even more strange as the whole show was over by 11:00PM. It was a Friday- I don't see what harm in pushing Kamelot back another 5 minutes woulda caused.  Otherwise, pretty solid sound as usual from them. Also of note was Nina's um..wardrobe malfunction- a lot of cleavage on display. I dunno if she was trying to compete with the girl from Cassandra Syndrome or what...  ;3

Kamelot rolled out to huge applause, and I was totally pumped up to bang my head. Alissa White-Glutz from The Agonist was on an elevated platform at the back, providing background vocals (and later harsh vocals). Her volume was turned way down except for the harsh vocals, so I am not really sure how good or bad she was. But the Kamelot group sounded great! This is the 3rd singer I've seen them with, and I was worried about how he might sound. About 2 songs in and I rank him almost as good as Kahn. A great replacement. I dunno what was up with the bass player's horrible dreadlocks/cornrows, as a side note. There were risers at the middle and sides of the stage, so that Tom and Thomas and the bassist could jump up on them and issue commands or solos to the crowd.

Worst part of this show was the drum solo that I knew would be there... but I supposed a piss break was in order. I was that madman who started a (weak) pit during "Center of the Universe," and I think there was some shaking of people during "When the Lights..." After "Center..." I was very sweating and sore neck already. At the end of the show I was SO TIRED. Usually it's me glaring at those people, but that night...I was one of them. I was surprised that they did not play "The Haunting," but I don't think that Alissa could have done a great job. 

As noted before, the show was over EARLY. 11PM. I double checked my watch to make sure. There was chatting after the show with people, but we eventually left an got caught in roadwork traffic X_X: sigh. Other than that, a great show!

 Merch: A Sound of Thunder had their usual CDs, shirts, and the like. Kamelot had some shirts, their latest CD, an a couple other items I can't recall. Nothing really struck my fancy. Cassandra Syndrome was there too, but we got there after there set and all I really noticed at their merch table was cleavage. I wanted to see their set (of songs!), but we got there too late.

4/4 shows ...whew. Metal Gauntlet of 4 shows in 5 days... DONE. Neck= sore. Sleep deprived. A lotta great music, fun times. Next show is in another week- Korpiklaani! Will there be enough time to rest and get work done?

 A Sound of Thunder
Kamelot II
Kamelot III

Kamelot IV
Kamelot V
Kamelot End

Sound of Thunder (8:40- 9:17)

  • Tubular Bells intro
  • queen of the damned
  • Night Witch
  • the maiden's fate
  • Calat Alhambra
  • Murderous Horde
  • Guitar Solo
  • Out of the Darkness 

Kamelot ( 9:40 - 11:03)
  • Ghost Opera
  • Soul Society
  • Center of the Universe 
  • the Human Stain
  • Rule the World
  • EdenEcho
  • When the Lights are Down
  • Drum Solo
  • Season's End
  • Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife) (with Alissa from The Agonist)
  • Keyboard Solo
  • Forever
  • Bass Solo
  • Karma
  • March of Mephisto(with Alissa from The Agonist)