Tuesday, September 25, 2012

KIX @ Rams Head Live 9/22/2012

I went to see the Kix band @ Ram's Head Live 9/22/2012. I met up with Tony, his cousin, and his moms and pops. Almost a whole family affair. I've been to a couple shows with them plus his brother, another couple cousins and uncles. Talk about bonding experience.

Finally got a KIX shirt and then their new CD/DVD Live in Baltimore! (30, 20). This merch shot was the best shot I got all night. Somehow I got zero pictures of KIX. oh well...next time.

There were a lot of people at this show, they even opened up the balconies, both of which were full. I don't think it was a sellout, but it certainly was a solid event. There were several things odd about this show- Kix had a couple openers (usually its just them), Mark Ruocco and Steve Whiteman's daughter.

His daughter came on around 9, with an acoustic guitar. There was also a keyboard that she used. She played a bunch of cover songs. I recognized most of them (including a KIX one!). She sounded good voice wise, but really needed a band and to plug in. Thanks, daddy! I was roving the venue at this point.

Mark Ruocco was on next, I was unfamiliar with him entirely, but his band sounded like a hair band, kind of like a 'modern rock' sounding hair band. His voice was like a watered down Daughtry is the best I can describe right now. Smooth, palpable, not offensive, but not a lot of power. His band sounded alright, too. If I knew any of the songs I think I'd enjoy his set more. Not bad.

Tony and co. arrived part of the way when Mark R. was on. They pretty much agreed on the hair bandy ness (and likability) of his songs.

Kix finally came on to a roaring crowd. Steve and the boys sounded great like always, and had a few surprises. No bucket, no 'For Shame' vest, but some songs that they hadn't played live either before or in ages (''Red Hot', 'Laying Rubber')(well at least I'd not heard them live before). AND they didn't close with 'Yeah Yeah Yeah.' First time in 12 shows (over about 12 years) that that was not their last song. I was flabbergasted. The guy behind us whistled loud enough to crack your ears. Not fun. Other than that, saw a couple old timers from Jaxx, and everyone was having a good time. Another solid show from KIX, nothing that I can recall sounded bad, no drum solo, just great songs.

Will I see them 5 times this year? I don't know, it's September and I've seen them twice already. We'll see how things turn out...they are coming to Howard Theatre (but I am planning on seeing Skeletonwitch) and they will be back for Kix-mas.

Carly was cute. There was a cute girl in KIX shirt and plaid skirt, and anotehr in a rather short dress and some tall boots.




Carly Whiteman (9:04- 9:33)
Straight on (Heart cover)
?all you love...waiting for your touch dying to
Hey Jude (Beatles cover)
You really got a hold on me (Smokey Robinson cover)
Tear Down the Walls (KIX cover)
Another piece of my heart (Janis Joplin cover)

Mark Ruocco (9:52- 10:35)

  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • Two hearts to Break
  • ?
  • ?
  • ? (rich man?)
  • ?
  • ?
Kix  (11:20 - 1:00)
  • Kix Are for Kids
  • Girl Money
  • Red Hot (Black and Blue)
  • Poison
  • Sex
  • Lie Like a Rug
  • Cold Shower
  • Layin' Rubber
  • The Itch
  • Don't Close Your Eyes
  • She Dropped Me The Bomb
  • Midnite Dynamite
  • No Ring Around Rosie
  • Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
  • Guitar Solo
  • Cold Blood
  • Blow My Fuse