Sunday, September 16, 2012

Obituary @ Empire 9/10/2012

Went to see Obituary at EMPIRE (empire) 9/10/2012. Supporting them were Broken Hope, Decrepit Birth, Jungle Rot, and Encrust. This was day 1 of the concert gauntlets. 4 concerts in 1 5 days. BRUTAL. As I was walking up, some dude in one of the local bands was hawking tix, so I grabbed on ($15, cheaper than the door!). I think there was one band finishing when I got in, but I don't know who it was.

I immediately saw that there were way more people than anticipated for a Monday show! At the max I think there were about 120 people there (more than the recent Kataklysm show that was on a Friday!). Dorothy went to this show, too. There was a sizable merch area with a ton of shirts (see below). I thought Obituary's stars and bars bandana was pretty ....interesting.

Encrust got on shortly, and I watched from the bannister. I didn't think they were that good. They had some good riffs, but they just were overall...forgettable.

Jungle Rot, a band I was familiar with (actually probably the most familiar with of the entire bill) and def wanted to see rolled on and I headbanged a lot. Near the rail, several other Jungle Rot fans were doing the same! Their vocals sounded horrible, but the guitars were heavy enough for me.  There was a surprising lack of pits (only one circle pit was done) as well.

Decrepit Birth- Their singer looked like a hobo Jim Henson (RIP). They had a few good different, exotic sounding riffs, but nothing really grabbed me. I went back up to bannister to watch these guys.

Broken Hope- I didn't realize their vocalist would be of the pig squealing variety...they were atrocious. Apparently their previous vocalist had self terminated, and this ripped guy was their new singer. However the rest of the band was rather tight and even louder than the last band. I only was familiar with their last song. Overall they had a good rhythm and kept it interesting, and brought the energy (and pits).

Obituary  finally got on and seemed the loudest of all bands this night. I had one album, and only knew a few songs, but understood that they were pretty big in the death metal arena. I was on the floor, on the left side.Obituary's vocalist sounded kinda bad, some songs better than others, but he was consistent, so I guess that's good. The band sounded fine, so no complaints there. Metal Chris (DC Heavy metal) wrote in his review that the guitarist eschewed the solos for the most part. I really had no idea! They changed their backdrop 3 times - plain red logo to shiny logo to 'slowly we rot.' Pretty elaborate, since I recall Iron Maiden being the only band changing backdrops  (not including electronic screens). Overall I did enjoy their set, but I really shoulda looked up some more songs :3

My one ear was getting pummeled and on the right I was watching for moshers, and, in a very unwelcome return, 2 large slam dancers/windmill fists/karate fighting idiots. There were 2, one swinging his fists up and down (like the old WWF Bushwhackers), and another swinging his fists left to right. And running at high speeds. I saw at least one guy who got clocked pretty good by them, and this was def the worst part of the show. No on should really have to fear getting injured at a show. Most pits are one thing, but this was just jackassery. I retreated up to the bar area after several songs.

1/4 shows down.

Jungle Rot
Decrepit Birth
Broken Hope
Obituary , Obituary 2


Jungle Rot

  • (Unknown)(think it was Kill on Command)
  • (Unknown)
  • (Unknown)
  • Their Finest Hour
  • Blood Ties
  • Face Down
  • Let Them Die
  • (Unknown)

Decrepit Birth

  • The Infestation
  • A Gathering of Imaginations
  • The Resonance
  • The Living Doorway
  • Diminishing Between Worlds
  • Symbiosis

Broken Hope (from metal Chris- )
  • Repugnance (Intro)
  • The Dead Half
  • Dilation And Extraction
  • Coprophagia
  • Swamped In Gore 
  • Preacher Of Sodomy
  • Siamese Screams
  • Remember My Members
  • He Was Raped
  • I Am God
  • Gorehog
  • Into The Necrosphere
  • Pitbull Grin
  • Felching Vampires

  • Stinkupuss
  • Intoxicated
  • Immortal Visions
  • Gates to Hell
  • Infected
  • Cause of Death
  • Chopped in Half
  • Turned Inside Out
  • Body Bag
  • Back to One
  • Killing Time
  • The End Complete
  • Dead Silence
  • Drum Solo
  • I'm in Pain
  • Slowly We Rot