Saturday, October 13, 2012

Blackguard @ Empire 10/10/2012

Went to see the Blackguard band at Empire ($14) with John, Kate, and Milla. There was a lot of confusion/ambiguity about the details of the event, up until and including the day of. Doors changed from 5 to 7 to 7:30. An opener was added. And as I predicted, the turnout was pretty horrible (max of about 20 People).  This was the first time seeing Blackguard this year (as opposed to last year where we saw them like 5 times).

When we rolled in, there was the predictably pretty empty house. We did see a few people who were there for Renn Fest with Ruby. Moonsorrow Shirt and Black Metal Battle Vest. So that was pretty cool. I think we were talking about wrestling at length for some reason. This one girl said she choked out her ex, made him tap. That was hilarious. Milla also completed her Blackguard shirt autographs at this event after numerous proddings to ask the band! GirlDrummer was eating, Paul was grumpy/busy (actually he, upon further review, was surprisingly NOT grumpy) , Bassist was no where to be found, new guitarist was made to work the merch table and was glad to get some distraction. I think nearly every member mentioned the signature from the OLD guitarist (KIM) on her old school shirt. The band also hinted at a new song at the Epica show...then they changed it to OH MAYBE TONIGHT's ENCORE WINK WINK.

The lone opener, Not-Liable, was on shortly after we got there. John and I'd seen them before, on a similar occasion- opening for Anvil, where the turnout was pretty abysmal  as well (I think...15 people). They, like last time, were actually pretty decent. I think their set went on a bit. too. long. but at least it sounded OK. A punky/thrashy sound to them, this three piece fronted by a kind of ripped black guy. One of the other people there had mentioned that this band was around for about 6 years... and they haven't seemed to have gained any momentum... O_O: At the back of the floor, 2 people stood. That's it. I thought they were a little silly, because the frontman kept on dedicating songs to 'haters,' 'poseurs,' 'groupies that they wanna bang,' '4:20 friendly people,' etc.

Blackguard finally came on later and the tiny crowd took to the floor. We basically had the entire floor because everyone else got on the rail. Blackguard gave a very good intimate show. They seemed to put on the same energy as they would have for a larger crowd. The sound was a bit muddy for Paul's vocals (kinda as usual). But the jumping off risers and energy level was very cool. Headbanged thru nearly the entirety of Wastelands, until it got to the fast part. We started some mini pits with John and Kate, so that was kind of fun, getting pushed across the floor.

For "Allegiance," some fan was grabbed up on stage and 'helped' Paul with some indecipherable vocals. Milla said he was from the band 'A Cab Ride Home,' which made sense since last year at one of those shows, he did help fill in for vocals when Paul was sick/drunk/visa problems/absent ( I can't recall which it was). The highlight of the night was the NEW SONG (FINALLY). It sounded alright, but the main thing was that finally we get some new content and not.the.same.old.songs. So that was pretty cool. I mean last year seeing about 5 shows with nearly the same setlist... c'mon throw us a bone here. Regardless, it was a fun night (tho a shortish setlist). Will PROBABLY see them at the Epica show.

Well let's hope the new stuff they get to writing will get more of the Folk sound that they seem to have abandoned for the Children of Bodom style (not that I don't like COB, but ....I can just listen to COB)


Blackguard 1
Blackguard 2
Blackguard 3
Blackguard 4
Blackguard 5
Blackguard 6


Not-Liable (? - 8:49)
Running Scared
Full of Hate
All Alone
Bang You

Blackguard (9:26 -10:23)
The Path
The Sword
Allegiance (Fan sang part of this)
Fear of All Flesh
In dreams (New song, allegedly first time played live)