Friday, November 30, 2012

The Birthday Massacre @ Empire 11/29/2012

Went to see the Birthday Massacre/WIlliam Control/Aesthetic Perfection/Creature Feature/My Enemy Complete at Empire last night. Met up with Milla, John, Kate and saw Phoebe, Matt, AND Jesse (ASOT) there too! There were a lot of people, the parking lot was packed and there was a great turnout. Not a sellout, but the dancefloor was basically full, with a lot of observers from the railings.

It was nice to see a great turnout at Empire/Jaxx, even if it was for an industrial/electronic/whatever rather than Metal show.  I like that stuff too, so this is hopefully going to bring more similar shows here :3  Sighted were goth people, emo goths, steampunkers, lesbians, jarheads, a few metalheads, rivetheads. An interesting mix of people.

Local band My  Enemy Complete I wanted to see, and they sounded better than last time I saw them. I think Empire's sound is was better than Midnight's. Bilal was pretty emotional during the set and that helped the performance. Unfortunately I'm not that familiar with their songs, so I on;y recognized one and googling for lyrics only leads to fail. They sounded good, but they've got that laid back more ethereal sound, so not much...movement... for them.

Creature Feature was on next. 2 guys, one with a guitar and the other with a keytar I think. They sounded like Wednesday 13 crossed with Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas and The Gothsicles. That being said, I thought they sucked. It seems like I should have liked them, but something about their stage presence or the sound seemed to strike a bad chord w/ me (unprofessional, lackadaisical?). They had some cheers, but I thought My Enemy Complete was way better.

Aesthetic Perfection, who I was really pumped for, was on next. Same set up as at the Ottobar, a drummer and then the vocalist. They started off with one of my favourite songs of theirs and kept up the energy. I thought they sounded a little muddy but great overall. No complaints except they shoulda played longer/in place of William Control.

William Control was on next, and I was only familiar with a song I had yubtub'd earlier in the day. Not bad, but nothing great IMO. He had a bass (or guitar) player and himself on vocals. He sounded alright, a bit better than I expected, but it seemed like he was a bit annoyed at the crowd for not being as energetic as perhaps he thought they should be. Whatever. Also at one point they surged the volume on one mic and it pierced my ears X_X;

The Birthday Massacre finally came on around 10:37, to a huge ovation! They had a whole band up there, and you could barely see the diminutive singer, Chibi, due to the stage setup. She got up on the rail or leaned against it or something a lot so that the crowd could see her. This is important, based on what happened later.  They sounded great, IMO. I think there were some effects on her mic, which was great, to make her sound like the record. Loud, heavy, and melodic. I was def getting into the groove and then Chibi began making remarks about f'in up her knee. She eventually was coaxed into sitting down for a couple songs, then the band announced they'd take a ten minute break and then come back. So we are waiting there, and finally the guitarist and the other guys come out and... announce that they basically have to send her to the hospital , and that the show was over, but they'd be around to hang out at the merch table.


So basically that was a downer cause they were just about to play "Pins and Needles." But the plus was that we went home early and got SOME sleep. First show I've been to that a show had to be stopped due to an injury. I've seen Steven Adler wig out and get replaced by Joe Leste, Nightwish cancel the day of, other bands further off cancellations, and hurricane cancellations, but never something like this.

Overall a very good if not great show, despite the abbreviated set for The Birthday Massacre. I thought Aesthetic Perfection's greatness made up for creature feature/william control not being...great.

 Birthday Massacre and Creature Feature def had t shirts and CDs (I got Birthday Massacre's latest for $15). Aesthetic Perfection had CDs, patches (I think the same stuff they had when we saw them at the Ottobar).

MY Enemy Complete
Aesthetic Perfection
(none of Creature Feature)
William Control
The Birthday Massacre


My Enemy Complete (7:25)
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • Silent Compromise
  • ?
Creature Feature
  • ?
  • ?
  • Gorey Demise
  • ? (more)

Aesthetic Perfection
  • Inhuman
  • The Devil's in the Details
  • One and Only
  • A Violent Emotion
  • The Great Depression
  • Spit It Out 

William Control (9:37)
  • New World Order (A New Kind Of Faith)
  • All Due Restraint
  • Kiss Me Judas
  • Beautiful Loser
  • Strangers
  • Razor's Edge
  • I'm Only Human Sometimes

The Birthday Massacre (10:37- about 11ish)
  • Night Shift
  • Down
  • Control
  • Always
  • Red Stars
  • Video Kid
  • Lovers End
  • Forever