Friday, December 21, 2012

Job For A Cowboy @ Cafe 611 12/18/2012

I had a free ticket after buying 2 for Six Feet Under for this show. I was kinda not feelin it as the next day we were going up to PA to see Wintersun (and Eluveite).  However I would be off from work and ready to go on holiday, so why not? I saw Scott there, who usually I see at folk metal shows, chatted for a bit.

I got there and walked up, and encountered the metal chicken suit guy who was on his way back to his car to deposit some merch. He informed me that I Declare War was going to go on. So for all intents and purposes I got there too early.

I stepped inside as whomever played before them was playing their last song. The place was pretty crowded, especially for a Tuesday night! It was pretty full, and I was wondering what *IS* there to do in Frederick?

I Declare War (horrible name) came on, and was very heavy and aggressive. A few people were pre pitting before the music even began (fools). However that was the best thing about them as their songs were rather lacking. Overall they were a bit incoherent, heavy, and just simple without melody. I believe during their set someone broke a bottle and then another person (maybe the same, not sure) was ejected from the venue.There were some pretty ridiculous pits for them, including ugh karate in the pit. I liked the heaviness but the karate pit and lame songs kinda turned me off of them.

Cephalic Carnage was on next. I had only really heard one album that I really disliked, years ago. It just sounded like noise to me. They were a bit better live, nice and heavy, but I was overall underwhelmed. There was way too much noise and not enough melody. They also referred to the Frederick, MD crowd as...Baltimore. A BIT OFF. I didn't really dig them, but they were entertaining.

Job For A Cowboy (horrible name) finally came on around . Something about them I dig, which is kind of rare for a -core newish band. It looked like they had the same bass player as Cephalic Carnage. I'm not sure. I thought they sounded very good, especially for the solos. Some parts did sound a bit muffled or too raw, but overall not bad. The guitarist (who was ripped BTW) came out to the bar a couple times near the end of the set, all the while playing and I believe accepting drinks from people. Fun times! I had to cobble the set together from other dates- I think they played about the same thing, with a short star spangled guitar part! The crowd was pretty active for them as well.

I got an Allageon shirt/CD/Sticker combo for $20 (anibus power slave one LOOKED SO COOL), which was ridiculous considering that I had not heard them at the show (but they did end up being v good). JFAC had some shirts n CDs ($5/$10), the other bands had some ridiculous shirts too, and since it was the end of the tour (I think the last stop), some merch was down to its last few pieces.

Not bad for a free show, but not the greatest

I took 1 photo, but it looks like it was the back of someone's head.

I Declare War (9:15 - 9:45)
    • ?
    • ?
    • ?
    • ?
    • ?
    • ?

    Cephalic Carnage (10:08- 10:something)
    • ?
    • Warbots A.M.
    • Divination & Violation
    • kill for weed
    • raped by an orb
    • P.G.A.D.
    • Endless Cycle of Violence
    • ?
    • ?

    Job For A Cowboy (11:15- 12:10)
    • Entombment of a Machine
    • Embedded
    • Imperium Wolves
    • Ruination
    • Unfurling a Darkened Gospel
    • Children of Deceit
    • Tarnished Gluttony
    • Regurgitated Disinformation
    • Knee Deep
    • Star Spangled Banner Interlude
    • Constitutional Masturbation