Thursday, February 21, 2013

Marduk/ Moonspell / Inquisition/ The Foreshadowing/ Deathwolf @ Empire 2/20/2013

Went to see Marduk/ Moonspell/ Inquisition at Empire ($23) with Milla. Saw Dorothy, Ruby, and probab a couple other people there. There were a lot of people there! About a few hundred people there at the high point, a pretty great turnout. Not to mention the brisk business the merch booths were doing. It was pretty crowded on the floor for Inquisition and Marduk, not so much for Moonspell, but not shabby.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Hanzel Und Gretyl / Deathmaschine @ Recher Theater 2/15/2013

I went with John and Kate to see Hanzel Und Gretyl at the Recher Theatre - and was expecting a pretty happening show. However, the turnout was nothing like the KMFDM show we saw last year, so I was wondering if Recher did not promote, people were too busy, conflicts, the rain/cold/shitty weather or if people just don't dig Hanzel und Gretyl. There were about 80 people, tops at the show last night and it was visibly bare, compared to KMFDM which drew hundreds of people and was comfortably full. Tickets were relatively cheap ($15 in advance, face val). I was kinda furious that we coulda avoided buying in advance arrggh.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hatebreed/ Shadows Fall/ Dying Fetus @ Empire 2/14/2013

Went to see Hatebreed / Shadows Fall/ Dying Fetus at Empire for Valentine's Day w/ Milla, John, and Kate, and Shabba. There we saw Dorothy and Kate's friends Christine and John. Spend Valentine's Day in the PIT.

Lindsey Stirling @ 930 club 2/13/2013

Went with John and Kate to see Lindsey Stirling 2/13/2013. NOT METAL, but still highly entertaining. There was an opener that I thought was pure rubbish from what I heard on youtube. We elected to get there later. It was a sold out show, so I knew we'd be stuck in the back.

(probably the clearest one I got of her)

Testament/ Overkill/ Flotsam & Jetsam @ The Fillmore, Silver Spring

Went last night to see Testament, Overkill, and Flotsam  & Jetsam  (missed 4Arm) at the Fillmore, Silver Spring. A night full of THRASH

Saw Dorothy, Matt Rice, Zach O, Heavy Metal Chris, Ruby, that lady from the Vienna Record Exchange, SHABBA, and even Bill from work.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Uli Jon Roth @ The House of Rock 2/7/2013

Went last night w/ Dorothy to see Uli Jon Roth up in Whitemarsh. It was a helluva trek up, and I forgot the tolls. There was to be one opener and Uli to be on at like 10, and allegedly 2 hrs of old ass Scorpions songs. SO I was in for a long night.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Turisas / Firewind/ Stolen Babies @ Empire 2/5/2013

Went to see Turisas/Firewind/Stolen Babies at Empire last night with Milla and Lex. Also saw Dorothy and Sarah  (and her crew!), and Jesse there! There was a pretty good turnout, about 150 or so people, it seemed more than Doro earlier in the week. The crowd was certainly rowdier!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Coheed & Cambria @ 9:30 Club 2/4/2013

Last night I met up with Timmy and Oksana and hit up Coheed & Cambria's first stop on their 2013 tour, on the first of two sold out nights in DC! The openers were Russian Circles and Between the Buried and Me. I didn't care about either of those, so we rolled up closer to Coheed's start time. So I can't say anything about their sets except I know I'd just have bad things to say about BTBAM if they were like how I last saw them

Doro/ Sister Sin/ A Sound of Thunder @ Empire 2-3-2013

Went to see Doro/Sister Sin/ A Sound of Thunder on Superbowl Sunday. I met up with Dave and his friend before hand and chilled a bit. Headed over to Empire and did something I've not done in ages- wait in line for the doors to open. They were holding a superbowl party in the Alchemy room also, so we saw many purple clad people.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Enslaved/ Pallbearer/ Royal Thunder/ Ancient VVisdom @ Ottobar 1/31/2013

Went to see Enslaved last night at the Ottobar in Baltimore with Milla. We saw Ruby and Sarah S. and Heavy Metal Chris there. This show was pretty packed, I think there were about 350 people (including bands) total. I think the high point was during Pallbearer's set. People seemed to thin out a bit as Enslaved went on. we got there a little after 7.