Saturday, April 27, 2013

Suffocation/ Exhumed/ Jungle Rot/ Rings of Saturn/ Admiron/ Krass Judgement @ Empire 4/25/2013

Went to see Suffocation/ Exhumed/ Jungle Rot/ Rings of Saturn/ Admiron/ Krass Judgement at Empire last night. there were a few more openers, but I didn't get there in time to see them (work). It was going to be a laaaaate show. I saw several people there, Cab Ride Chris, Ms Marie (and her daughter), Lindsey, Sarah, Will, Nick and his buddy, Mr System Divide Steve, and maybe a couple more.

There were about 100 or so people there by the time Suffocation came on, but there were def some kids and their parents in attendance for Rings of Saturn (Deathcore something). You could kind of tell, with their high tops, baseball caps, almost hip hop style...  So maybe like 130 or so total? I'm not sure, because some kids stayed, but others I believe left. There were some familiar faces and some new ones as well

Krass Judgement sounded pretty good, I know I've seen them before. Old School Death Metal with some thrash thrown in. Pretty enjoyable, even if the frontman kept shouting for people to come to the floor. That was kin of annoying, but they were pretty solid. There was a haphazard pit on the last song.

Admiron, all the way from Italy, was next. I was feeling bad for them, because  they just sounded horrible. Songs and sonically. To put the icing on the cake they threw in some crabcore, so the entire band, minus the drummer was crabbing in unison. Which, to their credit, was pretty cool that they had that coordination. However, it looked and sounded stupid. After the third song, I was getting annoyed/ bored, and vacated to the Alchemy Room.

Rings of Saturn was on next, with their odd mix of technical deathcore and something else. I was interested in hearing them because I thought their first album was not bad (not great but not bad). They have a lot of stuff going on in their songs, and that interests me. However, this did not translate to the live setting very well. Vocals unlistenable, guitar parts drowned out. The best part I heard out of three songs was when you could hear the guitar leads do a VERY short melodic outro. Then they stopped. Also, I think it was in the second song when karate in the pit appeared. I almost escaped to the Alchemy Room at that point right there. Some people. Anyways, so I gave these guys a couple more songs after the first song sounded kind of a mess. I would give them another chance if they are opening for someone, but I certainly wouldn't go see a headline show.

My friend Lindsey and HER friends were hanging in the Alchemy Room with a couple of the guys from Exhumed. They were pretty fun, and many 80s songs were mentioned and part karaoked apparently. Also, at some point the frontman contemplated about using 'Restless an Wild' as the opening riff to come on to.

Jungle Rot, one of the bands I was excited about seeing, went on after the disappointments of Admiron and Rings. I didn't recognize their first couple songs, but they sounded decent. That kind of killed some momentum. Then they started playing songs I recognized and I got into it. Something was odd about their set, and I couldn't quite place it. Something- the crowd, the song order, the song choices, I dunno, was keeping them from making it a great set, only just a pretty good one. Their sound was great tho, the sound guy did a nice job. Last time I recall them being a bit muffled.

Exhumed was next- I had not seen them live before and I was only cursorily familiar with them. They put on an entertaining show. I think I'd need to listen to some of their studio stuff in more depth to get a fuller feel, but this live performance was fun. There was a guitar solo, and some on stage antics from some evil doctor w/ a chainsaw (yes I asked him about Jackyl later), a faux defibrillator and a severed head. I def was not expecting such theatrics, and they were much appreciated!  They also ended with the 'BALLS TO THE WALL' riff, in an exciting twist! So I'm pretty sure they'll play a similar set (not sure if the Fillmore will allow their chainsaw and stuff) at Death To All tonight!

Suffocation finally came on around 11:30. The frontman was pretty down to earth, his segues between songs were rather relate able- whether they were about his wheelchair bound father making his 'Irish Catholic ass' go to church, not liking late as shows like this cause, drinkin',  or hawking the new album, they all seemed very honest. Again, I was not that familiar with their material, but figured a random Death Metal show now and then is good for the musical horizons. Not to mention being off the next day :3 They sounded very good, nothing to really complain about in that aspect. The crowd got pretty crazy during their set as well- one guy ran and jumped up to crowd surf and quickly....fell on stage. I saw him later in the pit, so I guess he was alright. If I were Suffocation, all I could think of would be Dimebag, tho O_O:. Regardless, the songs that they announced as the 'old shit' or the 'new shit' sounded the best, IMO. They played kind of a short set (1 hr), but it was fine, so many bands (and I was rather tired)!

Empire's security was noticeably beefed up for tonight. They had a bouncer who patrolled the pit area and watched it, with his mechanix gloves (like WcW's Sting). He pulled quite a few people out of the pit momentarily... I don't know exactly what they were doing or what, but it did kill the pit every time that he did so. I know on of my buddies got KICKED OUT during Exhumed. I did not recall seeing him being particularly rowdy, so I don't know the whole story there. I mean you don't stop the karate in the pit, and kind of control it forcefully? I don't know, but the whole thing seemed very strange to me. 

Rings of Saturn
Jungle Rot
Exhumed- Chainsaw
Exhumed- Chainsaw on top of speakers
Exhumed- CLEAR part I
Exhumed- CLEAR part II
Exhumed- Severed Head
Exhumed- Dr crowd surf
Suffocation (blurry)
Me and Matt Harvey from the Exhumed group


Krass Judgement (?-8)
  • It's about Me
  • Dying Christians
Admiron (8:20- 8:40 ?)
  • ?
Rings of Saturn (9:00- 9:30ish?)
  • ?
  • ?
  • Dingir

Jungle Rot (9:45- 10:15)
  • (Unknown)
  • (Unknown)
  • Worst Case Scenario
  • Their Finest Hour
  • Face Down
  • I Am Hatred
  • Utter Chaos
  • Gore Bag
Exhumed (?-11:18) (setlist seemed the same as the other dates, order may be a lil different)
  • The Beginning After the End
  • Dis-Assembly Line
  • Through Cadaver Eyes
  • Slaughtercult
  • Torso
  • Distorted and Twisted to Form
  • Limb from Limb
  • Guitar Solo
  • Funereality
  • Decrepit Crescendo
  • All Guts, No Glory
  • As Hammer to Anvil
  • The Rotting
  • The Matter of Splatter

Suffocation (11:31-12:30) (setlist seemed the same as the other dates)
  • Thrones of Blood
  • Mass Obliteration
  • As Grace Descends
  • Catatonia
  • Funeral Inception
  • Rapture of Revocation
  • Liege of Inveracity
  • Pierced from Within
  • Purgatorial Punishment
  • Devoid of Truth
  • My Demise
  • Infecting the Crypts