Monday, April 29, 2013

All That Remains/ Sky Came Burning/ Rome Apart @ Baltimore Soundstage 4/29/2013

I went to see All That Remains in Baltimore w/ my buddies Josh n Erin. I like All That Remains, but wasn't really expecting much from the openers based on samples I heard. I got some Lamb of God tix as well while I was there \m/

I noticed it was visibly rather vacant when I got there. Josh n Erin were there already, about 2 rows from the front. So I checked in and realized I got there just barely with enough time to get some cheap drinks before the first band went on, on that dark, cold, drizzling night.

As the night went on, there were about a few hundred people there. The balcony was closed, and the floor was kind of crowded, but not absurdly so. There were some mostly tame pits, and a ton of white people. I swear, I would be a king for a few days in Eastern MD and/or WV. Before my lynching.

Rome Apart came on first, my second time seeing them (they opened for Symphony X in Baltimore). They were about as good as last time... not really. The one guitarist was like a mini Sabretooth, and the other one had preppy shorts and a polo shirt. OK. I didn't really think any of their songs were particularly bad, but they certainly were not memorable or distinctive either. the vocalist was a bit drowned out as well.

Sky Came Burning was on next, and their first song was better than the entire previous set. Their guitarist looked kinda like one of the guys from Mad Men. And he was allowed some decent lead parts. I was pleasantly surprised, especially from a band with 2 harsh vocalists (1 normal, 1 chubby, both in white t shirts and black pants). They had some decent breakdowns, which got the crowd moving. Def more enjoyable than Rome... but still not anything distinctive.

All That Remains, in support of their new album, came on at the relatively early time of  9:13PM. The sound was instantly heavier and better than either previous band, and everyone obviously was there for them. I thought this is probably the best sounding that I've heard them (seen them about two times before). They played probably every song by them that I really like. I unfortunately only am sure about the last several songs order. I know they played like all their hits, but the order... is fuzzy to me. The lead guitarist (with that huge beard, who looks like he fell off of In Flames' bus) sounded particularly great. They really need to have more guitar parts and less breakdowns. But that does seem to be the nature of metalcore. Regardless, the band sounded great. Phil sounded very good, but I am not sure if it was that we were 'too close' or that his vox were not mixed well, but he was a bit fuzzy at times.

Their new stuff sounded better this time (even the kind of weak 'Stand Up'), even the ballady 'Asking Too Much.' I found myself in the put a couple times, fell down once. Pretty tame pits, but I did notice the big latina girl who usually goes to death metal shows (and was in a loincloth at Paganfest ) there. I don't recall her name, but besides Josh and Erin, she was the only person who I recognized. The odd part was that they played  a short set, about 1 hour. I could have used more. That was probably my only real complaint (besides having... not that entertaining openers).

ATR had some shirts and CDs, (and what looked to be a guitar tab book) but nothing really caught my eye. The other bands had merch but I did not check them out.

Rome Apart
Sky Came Burning
All that Remains
All That Remains- Jeanne
ATR one guitarist
All That Remains side
ATR Band
ATR- Guitarist
ATR- Guitar solos
Jeanne Sagan headbanging
End of All That Remains set



Rome Apart 7:30-8:03
  • ?
Sky Came Burning 8:16- 8:42
  • (incomplete)
  • Sky Came Burning
  • Too Many Chiefs not Enough Indians

All That Remains 9:13- 10:20
 (I am pretty sure this is accurate)
  • Some Of The People, All Of The Time
  • Stand Up
  • The Last Time
  • Won't Go Quietly
  • The Air That I Breathe
  • Down Through The Ages
  • Six
  • Asking Too Much
  • Now Let Them Tremble
  • For We Are Many
  • Forever In Your Hands
  • Hold On
  • This Calling
  • A War You Cannot Win
  • Two Weeks