Sunday, May 5, 2013

M3 fest Day 1 @ Merriweather Post Pavillion 5/3/2013

I went to see M3 Fest (Day1) with my buddy Tony, Joe, Franz, and his girl. This is an annual trek for me and Tony, and we always have a GREAT time. This year's lineup is kinda weak, but there were several bands that I have not seen before live.
I also saw Lindsey, Robbie, Ariel (y su mujer), and maybe someone else there.

There were a lot of people there, bu it was not as many as there would be the next day. The pavilion looked pretty packed, and the lawn was decently filled. I got there too early and hung out with Lindsey a little bit, and then went in. We saw Danger Danger, who apparently Robbie is a huge fan. I only have their first album which gets kind of rare play in my queue.

Danger Danger,  a D level hair band that I had not seen before actually looked and sounded pretty good. I was pleasantly surprised. I think that I would have enjoyed their set more if I had known more (or had relistened to) more of their songs. At the end, they said they were running late/over and could only play one more... so which one did the crowd want to hear... it would be easy, cause both songs only had one word twice as the title (Bang Bang, and Naughty Naughty). Of course they played 'Naughty Naughty' (their hit). I think that was the best sounding song of their set, easily.

I think Eddie Trunk came out and introduced the bands, he looked a bit rough. He plugged his show, which was going to FINALLY have Kix.

Tony came in in time to hear the Kix band (Girl Money), and brought the rest of the crew, man. Kix, like always, brought it. As many times as I have seen them, they still put on a great show and switch it up a little. I think 'Layin' Rubber' was the highlight of this set, as we don't usually get to hear that one. I woulda been fine to see more Kix, or if they were the last band. Always a fun set (albeit a bit predictable). I suppose that would be the one complaint... Play some different songs, but this is a festival show, so they'd pull out the 'hits.'

But WASP was on, and I have never seen them before. I was pretty pumped to see them, despite finding out that Blackie is born again... and won't play 'Animal' anymore!! SO Blackie did come out and sounded pretty much like the records. He was kickin' ass, thowin' out the hits, for the most part ('The Real Me', Forever Free.. zzzz). 'LOVE Machine,' 'Wild Child,' 'Sleeping in the Fire,' and '...Somebody' were all amazing, and got me so pumped. However, I think it was right before '...Somebody' that Blackie had mentioned it was like the 20th anniversary of the Crimson Idol...and that there would be a 30 minute set of that.

So as that began, I really should have listened to that album some more, because I only partially recalled 'The Idol,' but 30 minutes of songs I only kind of like, after some KICK ASS Jams, was a bit of a downer. They did have the screens show clips from music videos, so that was cool.
However, things slowed down even more, with a drum solo, a random video about Spinal Tap, and another sobering video about dead soldiers or something. Jeez Blackie, thanks. Not to trivialize any of that, but when you go to a rock show, a HARD ROCKIN SHOW MAN, you want to have a good time, forget troubles, get stress out, and just enjoy the songs, the people. This paralleled the Queensryche set from the previous M3 2012, where the set was a buzkill, interspersing hits with ...not great songs, and derailing momentum when on a roll. I don't even know how to fully convey my level of disappointment. Blackie HAD IT, for the first 30 minutes or so. He DID play, and was playing a killer set, and then just decided to go all artsy or whatever. Hey, more props to him for playing what he wants, but I think he should have kept that for a club show, where the die hards come out. This shoulda been a greatest hits set, or maybe pull out some deep cuts.

I think I need to throw the Crimson Idol back in the queue and see if I change my mind, but Kix easily was the best band again this day. WASP disappointed, but I'd still def go to a club show.


Danger Danger (6:40- 7:15)

  • Boys Will Be Boys
  • Monkey Business
  • (Unknown)
  • Beat the Bullet
  • Don't Walk Away
  • Rock America
  • Naughty Naughty

KIX (7:40- 9:00)

  • Girl Money
  • Red Lite, Green Lite, TNT
  • Red Hot (Black and Blue)
  • Sex
  • The Itch
  • No Ring Around Rosie
  • Don't Close Your Eyes
  • Layin' Rubber
  • Cold Shower
  • Cold Blood
  • Drum Solo
  • Blow My Fuse
  • Midnite Dynamite
  • Yeah, Yeah, Yeah 

W.A.S.P. (9:36- 11:02)
  • On Your Knees / The Torture Never Stops
  • The Real Me (The Who cover)
  • L.O.V.E. Machine
  • Wild Child
  • Sleeping (in the Fire) / Forever Free
  • I Wanna Be Somebody
  • The Crimson Idol set
    • The Titanic Overture
    • The Crimson Idol Medley
    • The Idol
  • The Great Misconceptions of Me
  • Drum Solo
  • Heaven's Hung in Black

  • Blind in Texas

//Spinal Tap video