Friday, May 24, 2013

Mago de Oz/ Metanium @ Howard Theater 5/22/2013

We went to see Mago de Oz ($45!!) at the swanky Howard Theater in DC. It was a night of light wallets, as mine def felt thinner at the end. We saw Dorothy, Henry, and Henry 2 there. And a TON of my Spanish (ok probably not Spanish, probably Hispanic rather, but you know what I mean) brothers.

I was a little apprehensive for several reasons. Apparently in NY they were booed off stage (!!!), so I was dreading a repeat of that. The story seems to say some drunk fan(s) were rowdy and threw a ton of stuff on stage cause they didn't like the new singer.  I was also not digging the long wait time (we got there around 7... and the band was supposed to go on at 8, but actually took the stage at 9:30).  As soon as I observed the crowd and everything I realized I am really rusty with my español. Heineken sponsored this event for some reason, so (beer-wise) there was only ..ONLY.. Heineken beer (draft and bottle) for sale... initially. I even spotted some new castles, but the bartender said she couldn't sell them and covered them up with a big Heineken sign.

And then they ran out. THEY RAN OUT OF THE SPONSOR'S BEER. so they had to start selling other beer. I know I personally had a bit more than I was planning, mostly because of the wait!

There was NO merch, but the Spanish ticketmaster TICKERI had a booth with an email signup and some newspapers/flyers for other upcoming Spanish language shows. So that was... interesting. (Note that I got my tickets from them slightly cheaper- gracias a Marysol! ).

No merch, no beer variety, expensive tickets, got there too early, long ass wait time, expensive drinks, man this show better be amazeballs.

Metanium, a local band from MD (gracias a Henry), finally took the stage and the crowd was pretty responsive. I don't know if they knew the songs or were just fired up from drinking for who knows how long (doors were at 6PM, so some people had probably been drinking for 3.5 hours), but the crowd had pits and a lot of movement. a few songs in I heard what sounded like some bagpipe keyboard... and a familiar melody- they started doing a HELLOWEEN song \m/! I thought they did a decent job.  Their style was in the vein of  raw classic metal. They had a guy on keys, 2 guitarists, a female bass player, a drummer, and a singer. Their singer had an odd hairstyle- shaved head except for a tuft in the back that was basically mullet like.  I wish I had a better picture of it. Whatever the case, he and his band sounded pretty good to me.

There was a roadie who was pasting the lyrics sheets on the ground. At some point, I saw the roadie cut open a cd shaped box, and during the next song- the crowd was pelted with free CDs. The keyboardist I think  mainly threw them wildly in the crowd (a common theme- see below). I don't know if I'd see a headline show of theirs, but I certainly wouldn't mind hearing more...

The crowd was pretty rowdy, for whatever reason (alcohol, seeing a band that rarely tours the US, seeing a popular band in (presumably) their native tongue, great music, more alcohol). During the long wait times, you could hear chants of 'Mago' and 'Culero' interchangeably. I am not sure if that is a jibe at the current (new) singer or if people were bored or what- but I know taunting when I hear it. I don't think I've ever been to a show where as many cups/drinks were chucked around. I don't get that- especially with the price of the drinks! Speaking of the price of the drinks- I noticed that there was way less tipping at the bar (at least 3 different buyers clearly left 0 tip) when I was closing out. I swear not all of us don't tip, so please bartender with the injured finger, I appreciated you. She was enduring patronizing shouts and even berating in Spanish (for allegedly not knowing) from disorderly folk who don't know how to wait their turn and may have had too much... I again seem to find the bad apples in the crowd. I swear, we ALL are not like that!

Mago de Oz finally took the stage after what seemed a short break- I think the crowd came alive and the energy was flowing- people were getting PUMPED. AND MORE DRINKS that were not Heineken. The curtain lifted, and the drummer perched on his drums while an intro tap played and the crowd sprung to attention and filled the spacious floor (bar break!) that had somewhat emptied after Metanium. The rest of the band (all 9 members on stage for many songs!) stormed the stage with a fast folk metal tune- and didn't let up for a few songs! I was amazed as the floor opened up to the biggest folk pit I've ever seen (until later that night!) and people full of energy- jumping about! I was floored because my days of squeezing in some youtube listening enabled me to recognize many of the songs.

I noticed that the singer for Mago de Oz (the new singer Zeta ) looked to me to be a bit nervous. I think he was fearing that this rather sizable crowd would boo them off stage as they had last night. I realized that too, and my countenance mimicked his for a little bit. There were also a lot of cups/drinks thrown about, which probably added to his seemingly anxiousness. I even recognized the Spain Spanish lisp that the singer had, which I thought was kind of silly during the ballad(s).

The folk pit and songs were so energetic and pit inducing that I almost went in- except that the floor was slick with thrown drinks and I knew I'd fall on my ass constantly and have not a great time due to that. So we watched from the side, headbanging and clapping at various points.

I thought they sounded great, tho some songs the singer could have been pumped up a bit. The violin solos were exquisite, but the flute was a little... not noticeable when bass or drums were also playing. I think I noticed 2 or 3 separate folk pits at one point- pretty crazy! The 9 members of the band somehow seamlessly took and left the stage when needed/not needed with no collisions. The amount of coordination for that alone makes it impressive. Now throw playing music in on that and you've got some talented mooks up there. I really enjoyed their songs and positive energy (minus the throwing stuff).

The female singer (Patricia Tapia) seemed like she could have been used more- she was mainly dancing and backing vocals except for a couple songs. I noticed a few girls in the crowd with ripped up pants like she was wearing. She could have been better utilized. At one point she even joined with the guitarists in a Judas Priest-like guitar movements for a triple attack! Her look and energy reminded me of Liv from Sister Sin.

Best/obscure shirt of the night- a Rata Blanca shirt! There was also a masked fan, in a Rey Mysterio Jr. luchador mask- who was in the pit a lot as well. Both bands only spoke in Spanish, so the combination of my rusty language skills, the volume, and the Spain Spanish lisps-- I know I missed some things.

Overall, a great show that started off reeaaaallly slow. I think I have to say that the cost was indeed worth it. I would totally go see them again- and next time it would be even better cause I would know the songs better! I Dunno how the old singer was, but this guy sounded fine to me. Haters gonna hate.

Next Show: Krisiun?

Waiting- Sponsored by Heineken
Mago De Oz- 9 people!
Mago de Oz- check out that folk pit
Mago de Oz- many many fans
Mago de Oz- some pics
Mago de Oz - check out the crowd
Mago de Oz - featuring Patricia Tapia
Who is that masked man?


Metanium (9:30- 10:04) (updated 5/24/2013- gracias a metalhead699)
  • Al filo del metal
  • Sangra el corazon
  • I want out (Helloween Cover)
  • Victimas de la religion
  •  La Marcha Vikinga
  • Alma de Guerrero
Mago de Oz (10:35-12:15)

  • A Marcha Das Meigas (intro)
  • El Libro de las Sombras
  • Maritormes
  • H2Oz
  • Molinos de Viento
  • Satanael
  • Danza Del Fuego
  • Sácale Brillo A Una Pena
  • Brujas (I think, the girl Patricia Tapia  was singing this one that started out like a lullaby)
  • Hasta Que El Cuerpo Aguante (?)
  • Quiero Morirme en Ti
  • El Que Quiera Entender Que Entienda
  • Hechizos, Pócimas y Brujería
  • Finisterra
  • La Costa del Silencio
  • Xanandra
  • Fiesta Pagana  
(Note that I am pretty sure about most of the set- the Danza and a couple other songs (Hasta...) may be out of order)