Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Death Ray Vision/ Sworn Enemy/ Acaro @ Empire 9/20/2013

Went to see Death Ray Vision at Empire ($15- $2 coupon=$13) this past week. I wanted to see this side project of Brian Fair (Shadows Fall) and the guy from Killswitch Engage before they became defunct. I missed out on Times of Grace (who, on a side note, are superior to this side project), so as I am a pretty decent Killswitch and Shadows Fall fan, I figured I should see these guys. I saw Bridget S., Jen P., and Kris there, all hangin' out. Apparently at least Bridget went to the show the previous night before...

Monday, September 23, 2013

Metanium/ Throwdown Syndicate/ Red Torment @ Cuzco 9/19/2013

So, with so many shows (Death Ray Vision- Frederick, Day of the Beast- Baltimore, Metanium- Hyattsville, probably another one too) on the same day, work eating up too much time, and being tired- the choice was difficult. I eventually decided to hit up Metanium's free album release show at Cuzco in Hyattsville- free, could see Death Ray Vision the next day at Empire. It being in Langley Park, Metanium being a Spanish language metal band, it being free, and not sure how big the place was, I figured I should get there early.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Anathema / Alcest/ Mammifer @ Empire 9/13/2013

We went to see Alcest... and a couple other bands at EMPIRE (Empire). We saw surprisingly a large number of people, and several that we knew- Heavy Metal Chris, Ethan, Antonio, Joel, Marie + her dude, Iri, and I think Marysol was there too. And this to me was surprising cause this was not really a heavy show. I'm using a pic of Alcest here, cause I think their pix came out great.

ZZ Top @ Wolf Trap 9/11/2013

Went to see ZZ Top at Wolf Trap. I thankfully got a ticket before hand, because judging by the number of people there- it must have been sold out!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Kamelot/ Delain/ Eklipse @ Baltimore Soundstage 9/3/2013

We went to see one of my favourite Power metal bands of all time; KAMELOT in godforsakenbaltimore. We saw not as many people as we usually see- Dorothy, Lindsey, Marie (and her dood), Annie, and photographergirl. Bobbie and someone else were allegedly there but we didn't see them.