Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Coheed and Cambria @ Rams Head Live, 10/21/2013

We went to see one of my favourite bands on my birthday- Coheed and Cambria! Met up with John, Kate, Timmy, his cousin Nate, and Ms Oksana and we also saw fellow Coheed fan Scott! Now even though I was PUMPED to see Coheed again, they always choose... IMO... less than amazing openers (similar to the Cult, who pulls the same BS). But hey it's their tour, so whatever whatever.

I knew Coheed and Cambria is always a full show, I think at 9:30 club last time they had 2 dates, back to back- almost if not sold out shows. I missed their Uproar tour stop (no interest in any of the other bands besides Alice in Chains), so I was pumped to hear about them stopping by again... On my birthday wooo.  They brought Balance and Composure and I the Mighty, both bands I checked out before hand, but didn't really 'get' them. So we hung out and went in closer to 8:45.

We checked out the merch, one band had a Full House (yes, THAT Full House) shirt, and some other unremarkable designs. Coheed had a ton of shirts, comics (TPB was like $30), Vinyl, CDs, etc. I wanted to get the most metal shirt there- the '10 Speed' old tour shirt, but it was not the right size. Their others had text, their dragonfly, or other meh designs. I perhaps should have snapped a pic.

As predicted it was packed- probably sold out or very close to it. We took the 'standard' spot in the back, but could mostly see the stage. They went on precisely at 9PM, and the crowd erupted with applause. Well, as much as non heavy shows can erupt- the guy behind us was insanely loud.  Coheed's stage setup was pretty bare- they just had a couple stands with torsos of female silver surfers- similar to last time. But they did not have the huge light up hourglass looking thing. So this stripped down set was a change, perhaps to focus on the music more than the spectacle.

The crowd was pretty vocal, singing along and cheering and clapping after each song, but their movement was mostly muted. There were some crowd surfers and some jumping, but overall, less of a rock scene. The Coheed crowd is always odd, about "%10 metalheads, 10% exclusively metal that gets played on DC101/Octane fans, 35% hipster, and 45% mainstream rock fans" as one friend said. Their brand of prog rock had indie and metal moments both.

Claudio and the boys sounded pretty great, with the vocals only being a bit muffled at some parts, other than that- great sound. The setlist was a bit surprising, as they played a lot of older songs, but still about half a set from their Afterman albums. I was expecting more new tracks, and there was nothing off of No World for Tomorrow.  But they could have played just about anything except the horrible "Iron Fist" (no, not the Motorhead song) and I would have been fine. They had a scant few breaks in between the songs, which was nice- their set whizzed by.  "Vic the Butcher" provided the best headbanging, and M thought the harsh vocals at times were "oh cute, you know what harsh vocals are."   The predictably included "Number City" also had some crowd surfing, which seemed inappropriate, as it was probably their most danceable song so far. I was hoping they would have some plushies.

The minuses were the only hour and 20 minute set, the odd crowd, and the few ne'erdowells near us, making idiotic comments. As one who makes idiot comments, I would know. And the loud ass behind us. I also learned we could have gotten closer, which would have been interesting if people were trying to 'mosh.'  

Anyways, as the show was over early, we got home early and some much needed sleep! A great show, and a fun time. The enthusiastic crowd also added an element of excitement and electricity that enveloped.

Next show: Arkona! 

Coheed and Cambria play a stripped down set
Coheed and Cambria


Coheed and Cambria (9:00- 10:18PM)
  • Keeping the Blade
  • Key Entity Extraction V: Sentry the Defiant
  • A Favor House Atlantic
  • Goodnight, Fair Lady
  • Number City
  • Gravity's Union
  • Ten Speed (Of God's Blood and Burial)
  • Devil in Jersey City
  • Everything Evil
  • Blood Red Summer
  • The Afterman (with a bit of Always and Never)
  • Key Entity Extraction III: Vic the Butcher
  • In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3
  • Dark Side of Me
  • Welcome Home