Monday, October 21, 2013

Obituary/ Strong Intention/ Survive the Demise/ Krass Judgement/ March to Victory @ Cafe 611 10/19/2013

We went to see Obituary up in Fredneck. I'm not a huge Obituary fan, but it is nice seeing something a bit different. There were 12 (!) bands on the bill, supposedly starting around 6PM, so this was going to be a long night. We eventually saw Bridget, Gerber, Lindsey and Jeremy, Zach, Matt, Tom, and met Bessy y Alberto, GIO, Michelle and LUKE. WHEW.

As we got there we noticed there were a lot of people milling about outside. This seemed like a big show, there were def about100-120 people inside, the fire code on the wall said max capacity 254. this was one of the most crowded shows I've been to at Cafe 611, but people didn't really get rowdy until Survive the Demise went on.

In the merch room, they had shirts and stuff, but then another vendor was set up with what looked to be bootleg DVDs. Nearly got a Racer X or a Rainbow one...  Obituary had a few shirts and a poster. Strong Intention and Krass Judgement both had shirts.

We shortly heard March to Victory jump on stage and drown out my rants. They sounded good, maybe not as solid as they had the previous times we had seen them. Their setlist was about the same as last time as well. Their pretty excellent cover of Death's "Crystal Mountain" still was the treat of their time.  The crowd was mainly near the back of the venue, except for a couple slightly intoxicated fans right up front. Not a bad set, but I think maybe I've seen them too many times in a short period, so it didn't seem as exciting?

Krass Judgement was on next and their bass was too loud. It was throwing off the vocals and guitars. I could mostly hear the drumming, but everything else was a bit muddy. They also played about the same as last time, but sounded not as good (mostly because of the bass). This detracted from their set for me.

We then saw another band setting up that I knew was not Strong Intention, I was feeling VERY tired. Survive the Demise (an unfortunate verb the noun name) was the death metal band that took the stage at this point. I had not heard them before, and was pleasantly surprised. They sounded overall tighter than the other openers, and this defined energy around them made it easy to focus on and get into their set. They just...sounded better. I had not heard them before tonight.

Local hardcore band Strong Intention was up next, and I was wanting to hear their frantic brand of hardcore riffs. Their vocals were unintelligible again, but that had no bearing on the energy that was coursing thru the crowd- as the pit was getting kinda crazy.   I couldn't tell you a single song they played, but overall it was rousing. I think there were a couple pretty good breakdowns too.

Obituary came on damn late (looking at it now, how did it take them so long to switch over?!). I think I recognized one of the first tracks ("Redneck Stomp" or something else off of Frozen in Time), but its a bit fuzzy. The crowd was very thick and amped up for Obituary even at this late hour- the pit was small but seemed frenzied with the cowsuitguy, chickensuitguy, a guy in what looked to be a salmon coloured shirt, and a drunk hispanic guy  being the main perpetrators.  Obituary was certainly well received, especially now that the crowd had really filled in.

Obituary's rougher sounding stomping Death Metal is not my favourite brand of it, but it was still enjoyable enough to make the trip worth it.  The guitars and rhythm section were heavy enough and  the vocalist's rough and raspy growls were... very similar to what are on the albums. So I guess that was pretty cool. I would have preferred for them to start earlier, but what can you do?  We heard what I presume was about half their set, so my report is very much incomplete.

next show: Coheed and Cambria !!!!

March to Victory


March to Victory (8:55- 9:15)
  • Venom
  • Blizzard Beast
  • Soulless 
  • Crystal Mountain (Death cover)
  • Consumption

Krass Judgement (9:28 - 9:55)
  • ?
  • ?
  • Demon Bitch
  • Unwanted
  • It's all me

Survive the Demise (10:00ish - 10:37)
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • Trough of the Glutton
  • Born of Slaughter

Strong Intention (10:54 - 11:20)
  • ?
Obituary (12:12 -  (left at 12:48)
  • ?
  • ? yourself?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?Infected?
AND reports .. so i'd trust them more at this point, but you never know...
  • Intoxicated
  • Slowly We Rot
  • Infected
  • Chopped in Half / Turned Inside Out
  • Cause of Death
  • I'm in Pain
  • Killing Time
  • The End Complete
  • Back to One
  • Body Bag