Monday, November 25, 2013

Morbid Angel / VadimVon/ Yesterday's Saints/ Visceral Disgorge @Baltimore Soundstage 11/9/2013

I went to see Morbid Angel ($25, seemed a bit pricey) up in Baltimore at the Soundstage. I am actually not that familiar with Morbid Angel, but they come highly recommended by several friends. There were a number of people, Ms Lindsey, the AWESOME STEVE HARRIS, Ethan, DanPaytas, Dorothy, Ariel y su mujer, Jaime, Matt R, Sean, Jason, and maybe someone else

As I got there, I noticed there were a decent number of people there, probably a 120 or so people at the high point. They had a large merch booth, some shirts, LPs, and maybe a couple other items. I didn't see anything that struck me as amazing. Their shirts were decently priced, 20 or 25$ (I CAN'T REMEMBER ARGH).

Visceral Disgorge was on when or shortly after I got there. Something was odd about them, because they had a guy sitting down, playing guitar this time. Maybe he was injured, I dunno.  They sounded kind of generic, like the last time I saw them. They were somewhat heavy, so that was good, but they just didn't strike me as interesting. I think their set was probably about the same as last time. I wish I remembered the jackass comments I made about them. We all had a nice laugh.

Yesterday's Saints was on next, they were sounding pretty great. The third time I'd seen them in a short time, and they played a similar if not the same set. So that part was kind of meh, but I don't think they have a lot of songs. At Soundstage, they sounded pretty great- probably the best sounding, but 2nd best show of the 3.  The crowd seemed pretty into it, so that also helped.  I still want their new album to come ouuutttt so I can RAWK OUT moar to their sets. I recall there was one song that was very headbanging.

VadimVon, whom I'd not heard of slash didn't have time to look into, was on next.They looked like death or thrash metal guys, but had a vaguely death metal sound. But it was a thin sound, and wasn't as heavy as I was expecting.  And with their kind of just random metal guy image, their black metal sound had a bit less of an impact. I think if you are going to go with a black metal sound, you should really go with a black metal image, just go for it. They had a couple good songs, but for the most part I was wondering why Morbid Angel wasn't getting a bigger/better band. Oh well.  I kind of lost attention cause I really just wanted to see the headliner. I think these guys were trying, but the crowd wasn't really having it.

 Now the crowd got a bit thicker once Morbid Angel took the stage, walking past their backdrops. I must mention during one point there was a 'WOOOO' and then someone alluded to Ric Flair, which made me WOOO in turn! Despite listening to covenant a handful of times, I was pretty drawn in by their brutal sound. They were rather heavy live, and were pretty jawesome.  Their frontman David Vincent had a bit of charisma despite not moving around too much. Their one guitarist looked like a skinny Devin Townsend, complete with skullet. I couldn't take him seriously. Their other lead guitarist shredded a lot, with his red guitar. He kicked ass!  I think my favourite song was "Slime...," it sounded so heavy. Of their Covenant songs, "God Of Emptiness" was CRUSHING. As they were touring on their 20th anniversary of Covenant, they played the entire album, along with some 'hits.' I don't know what are their bigger songs, but the fans seemed to go apeshit during the last songs.  I'd see them again, but I think I need to listen up on their back catalog (except their most recent, which has had crappy reviews from almost everyone).

Overall a decent show, tho a bit pricey. I literally got a bucket of beer at one point, and carried it around for a bit. I, however, need to write these sooner, as some of the subtle details are.... fuzzy.  I think I would have appreciated them a bit more if I had more familiarity with their material. I think they toured recently, like last year, but I missed them, because I was ill.

Yesterday's Saints and VadimVon.
Morbid Angel
David Vincent and the Morbid Angels

Visceral Disgorge (8:21 -8:30)
  •  Force Fed Shredded Genitalia
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?

Yesterday's Saints (8:57-9:22)
  • Origen Adamantius
  • ?(gods... reign)
  • ? (fall?)
  • Cain's Agony

VadimVon (9:50- 10:10)
  • ?
  • ?
  • Rise up
  • ?
  • ?
Morbid Angel (10:40- 11:58)

  • Rapture
  • Pain Divine
  • World of Shit (The Promised Land)
  • Vengeance Is Mine
  • The Lion's Den
  • Blood on My Hands
  • Angel of Disease
  • Sworn to the Black
  • Nar Mattaru
  • God of Emptiness
  • Where the Slime Live
  • Bil Ur-Sag
  • Ageless, Still I Am
  • Curse the Flesh
  • Existo Vulgore
  • Immortal Rites
  • Fall from Grace