Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Finntroll/ Blackguard/ Metsatoll/ March to Victory/ Demiz @ Cafe 611 12/9/2013

We went to see Finntroll's last date on this tour ($15) after seeing the first stop on the tour at Empire. This is an odd show- usually we're fine with 1 tour stop, but when we heard they were coming to the tiny Cafe 611, we knew we had to hit that up, shiz gonna be cray cray.   We saw a number of people there- DanPaytas, Ethan, Sarah, Joel, Ulrich and Trigger, Heimdall, Patricia Lynn, Paul and Michelle, Zach, Dylan, Ms Victoria, Crystal, new friend Russ, and the older couple who goes to Fredneck shows!

When we got there, I made the mistake of hanging out outside for a minute, and missed the last half of the last song of Burning Shadows (so I heard). OH WELL.  There were a decent amount of people there when we stepped in, probably 50 or so people. Zach mentioned that they had sold over 100 (!!) advance tickets, so that's not bad at all.  Add some walk-ins and I think it was  about 120-150 people total. A pretty solid showing, for a 250 person capacity place (tho I think that is without speakers n merch n stuff). I will say the attendance may have been more if it hadn't fing snowing and iced the day before. By the time we headed out for the show, we shoveled and there was a lot of melted snow and clear roadways. So it was fine, just annoying. 

As I got in I noticed that the merch was set up where the stage usually was, and the left of the stage, where the second bar usually is, they had set up the drum kits and that was where the stage was this evening. The new merch area stuck out a little bit, and I could just see people were going to bump into it and fall over. ANYWAYS there were the same merch (tho perhaps a bit less after being on tour for a bit).

Demiz was setting up and were the first band that I saw this evening. They seemed a bit tighter than last time, but the vocals were a bit buried in the mix. They were, however, heavy enough and they did play that Amon Amarthy sounding song, so that was good.  I didn't catch any of the song titles.

March to Victory from PA was on next and sounded about as solid as they had the other times we've seen them. I think the sound was a little odd with the new setup, so the guitars were great, but the drums were a bit fuzzy. They played about the same set, so no surprises there.

Metsatöll secretly started while I was at the bar, so I was thrown off and didn't get too into their set. I watched from afar- they were good, I don't think as good as last time, but still solid.  I am not sure how they sounded on the floor cause I was watching/listening from the bar area. The crowd was really into it tho.  I don't think they played as long, but they definitely ended with their 'tracelike' song. My friend got the setlist (see pic), but people are telling me that they didn't play as long as at Empire like last time, which I think was true, but my notes are incomplete

At this point, I think we saw that guy from that Blackguard band (Paul Ablaze), and he stopped and mentioned he was gettin' a lil sauced before the show. Last night of the tour and all that (I stopped myself from asking 'how is that different from any other night ;3 ).  Heimdell's leather armour was pretty awesome, Sarah's intoxication, my beer identification, that girl with the wine glass, and of course DanPaytas had some insanity.

We took to the floor for Blackguard, for the millionth time seeing them. They played a similar set, but the order was different. They still had the new song I still don't recognize as the starter (again, not a good choice), followed by my favourite (besides "Vain") of theirs- "Wastelands," which I had to push people around a bit.  And then during headbanging I injured my nose somehow- headbanging into someone's head or something, I dunno what happened, but it hurt like hell and I stuck to the side rail for the rest of the set.  They pulled out "Firefight" in the middle of the set, and ended with their other new songs (IMO an odd choice).  This kind of tapered the energy that was building up IMO.  Still, they put on a good set, tho Paul's vocals sounded a bit off. Their first song, like last time, sounded very rough (and not in a good way).  I enjoyed their set for the most part, regardless of the little things. People were a lot more lively for them, I think all the touring is paying off.  I still was irked at the little speech Paul gave about Finntroll and 'folk metal roots,' because they really are not that same band anymore.  And the old songs they play really don't have the folk elements to them, so its just inaccurate to be mentioning folk metal connections if you are not actually playing it. /rant 

Finntroll was finally on, and the floor was rather full. Somehow no one bumped into the merch tables or the like. I think they played things in slightly different order, but overall mostly the same.  They seemed to have a lot more energy here than at Empire. I think it was the combination of the tiny venue, the relief of the last night of the tour, the inebriation that was flowing, and the Abbath face paint that the singer had. Yes, he had some random streaks last time, but it was way more fun with the Immortal member's corpse paint.  The crowd was rather animated during the majority of the set, and loud, yes very loud.  I believe even I clapped a bit more than I usually do, not to mention while holding coats. Somehow that girl with the glass of wine was struttin' a lil during Fintroll's set, with her half glass of wine. You GO girl.  People were moshing, headbanging, folk pitting, and more.  I think their best received song was their most famous 'Trollhammeran.'  They didn't sound as clear at Cafe 611, but it was still good enough.

Setlist wise, I think Finntroll played the same thing as last time, and the setlist looked the same (see pic below, friend got it). Metsatoll I think played less, but their setlist had 1 more song than last time. I was distracted during the set, and I am not familiar enough with their songs to really offer more info.

Overall a rather fun show, tho with some awkward and drama moments.  I don't know how, but the DC/MD/VA area hosted not only the first, but also the last stop of another tour (Overkill/Kreator had the same thing, in Baltimore, then West Springfield).  Cafe 611 is getting a lot of bigger shows these days, so things must be looking up for heavy shows in the area.  I think I had more fun at the first stop, but the energy was a bit more at this last show- perhaps the last hurrah for all the touring bands?

Next show: All That Remains and maybe FaceMelting Friday

Heimdall's awesome armour
Finntroll I
Finntroll kind of

Demiz (7:45-~8:05?) (updated 12/12)
    • Riders of Doom
    •  Last Stand 
    • Burn the Church
    • Entombed

      March to Victory (8:15- 8:35)
      • Deadly Venom
      • Funeral Blizzard Beast
      • Consumption
      • Soulless
      • Philosopher (Death Cover)

      Metsatöll (8:51- 9:30?? ) (pic of setlist)
      • Küü
      • Kivine Maa
      • Roju
      • Kui Meid Sõtta Sõrmitie
      • Sõjahunt
      • Minu Kodu
      • Äio
      • Muhu õud
      • Vaid Vaprust
      • Saaremaa Vägimees
      • Sajatus
      • Metsaviha 2

      Blackguard ( 9:52-10:34)
      • ?
      • Wastelands
      • Northern Storm
      • Tephra
      • Firefight
      • Scarlet to Snow
      • This Round's on me
      • Dying Season

      Fintroll ( 10:56- 12:15) (pic of setlist)
      • Intorr
      • Blodsvept
      • Solsagan
      • Mordminnen
      • Ett Folk Förbannat
      • Dråp
      • Slaget vid Blodsälv
      • En Mäktig Här
      • Intro
      • Svartberg
      • När Jättar Marschera
      • Under Bergets Rot
      • Nedgång
      • Skövlarens Död
      • Skogsdotter
      • Häxbrygd
      • Jaktens Tid
      • Nattfödd
      • Trollhammaren