Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Paganfest America 2014: Korpiklaani/ Turisas/ Chthonic/ Varg/ Winterhymn/ Yesterday's Saints @ Empire 4/25/2014

I went to see Paganfest America 2014, featuring coheadling Korpiklaani and Turisas. I am missing M3 Day 1 (2014) for this goddamn triple booked weekend (Paganfest, M3, local show). Last Year's Paganfest  was amazing, but this year's lineup was a bit ... "I've already seen those guys and they are kind of the same again" I saw Nathan with a J, Kris, Sean, Milla, Renae, Sarah, Ethan, Joel, Lex and Tom, and there.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Iced Earth / Sabaton / Revamp/ A Sound of Thunder @ Empire 4/21/2014

John, Kate, and I went to see ICED EARTH (with others) at Empire ($27). There were a ton of people there- Scott, Milla, Brittany, DanPaytas, Amberley, Ethan, Paul n Christine, Neil and Michelle, Brian B, Ciara, Sean, Jason, Dave, Nathan with a J, Ariel, James, otherSteve, Bobbie, Sako and Greg,  Greekgirl, Miss SketchyLindsey, Marie, Avi, Nina, Josh, Jesse, Chris, Renae, Ray, Tony Dio, Mike AG, Joe H, Mari and Bridget, Steve Miller, Chris Crazy-Wolf, Daniel G and Nick, and maybe one or 2 more??? whew!  I was super pumped for this show because I'm a huge Iced Earth and Sabaton fan. oh and ASOT is one of my top local bands and I was curious about the ReVamps.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nile/ Exemptus @ Baltimore Soundstage 4/15/2014

I went to see Nile ($18) w. Miss sketchyLindsey at the Baltimore Soundstage in godforsakenbaltimore on a freakin ridiculously rainy evening.  This better be a damngood show is what I was thinking as we rolled up. I saw Jacinda and Dan, Dylan and Crystal, Scott, Renae, Sean, Jason, Maery, JASON, Daniella, and of course ZACH.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Carcass/ The Black Dahlia Murder/ Gorguts/ Noisem @ Fillmore Silver Spring 4/13/2014

Went to see Carcass in Silver Spring ($28) for the last stop of the Decibel tour.  I saw several people there- Steve Miller, Kris, Krysia , Sean, Nathan with a J, Bridget, Renae, Miss Lindsey, Kavin and Daniel G., Brian B, Metal Chris, MattRice, Zach, Crystal, Dylan, Tom, Jacinda, Ethan, greekgirl, Kim. whew!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

All That Remains/ Darkest Hour/ Wilson/ Wings Denied @ 930 Club 4/9/2014

I went to see All That Remains again at the 930 Club ($20, $28.75 after fees wtf).  I met up with Chris Crazy-Wolf, saw Stacy and Jacinda, and new Denzel. I think James O., Danica, and Rick were there too, but not entirely sure.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Combichrist/ William Control/ New Years Day @ Empire 4/4/2014

I went to see industrial/EDM group Combichrist at Empire ($20). I saw Jason, Jess, Rick, Joanna and her bf, and Milla there.  This is one of 3 industrial/EDM shows that Empire has listed so far this year, and the first time I've seen Combichrist so I was pretty excited. A lot of my metal friends went up to Baltimore to see Y&T, but I picked this as I needed to see Combichrist. Y&T was great when I did see them, so Combi better be amazing!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Anvil/ Abigail Williams/ Martyrd @Empire 4/2/4014

I went w/ John last night to see Anvil at Empire ($18). There were a number of friends there- Cascade, Bobbie, Brian B, Ariel y su Mujer, James y su mujer, Gori y Omar, Allie, Nathan w/ a Jay, and Chris Crazy-Wolf.  This is the 2nd time at Empire this week, and a third to be coming..

Friday, April 4, 2014

Texas Hippie Coalition @ Empire 4/1/2014

Went to see Texas Hippie Coalition (THC, very funny guys) ($13 or free with a Sam Adams bought at Metal Church). I didn't see anyone I knew there, somehow.  I think a friend or 2 couldn't make it (despite boletos gratis)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

TesseracT @ Empire 3/29/2014

I went to see Tesseract (from the UKafter the Day of the Beast show. It was a good thing that DOTB ended by 10 (tho I still left early), and that Empire was close. Oh and this was the first stop of their 2014 tour over here  I saw some people I know there- Scott, D'Andre, Stacy,  and Sean and Tom who were ALSO at the Day of the Beast show just minutes earlier!