Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nile/ Exemptus @ Baltimore Soundstage 4/15/2014

I went to see Nile ($18) w. Miss sketchyLindsey at the Baltimore Soundstage in godforsakenbaltimore on a freakin ridiculously rainy evening.  This better be a damngood show is what I was thinking as we rolled up. I saw Jacinda and Dan, Dylan and Crystal, Scott, Renae, Sean, Jason, Maery, JASON, Daniella, and of course ZACH.

I think I counted around 120 people there (tho I am told ticket sales were over 200, so go figure). Not bad for a rainy ass Tuesday night.  It does amaze me how some bands seem to draw well, others horribly, and yet others way more than expected. So many factors!

Merch- Nile had a  bunchashirts ($20), some CDs, some hats (see Merch). I love Egyptian influenced arts, and I was really close to getting another Nile shirt, just because. And I am not even a HUGE Nle fan.  I think Exemptus had a shirt or 2.

Apparently before I got there, March to Victory from PA played.  AND Metanium was having some issue and could not make it (  :(  ). So I only saw Exemptus, who got a rather long set.

Exemptus- some sort of thrash, with a more old school feel rather than a Havok or Bonded by Blood.  They were more like old Anthrax I think, that kind of vocal attack.  The vocalist immediately grabbed my attention with his clear and energetically emotional voice.  He def got into it, perhaps a bit too much too soon, because by the 3rd song, he looked tired and actually sat down on the edge of the stage.  He did get up half a song or so after that, but I don't think I'd seen a frontman/woman sit down since Chibi from the Birthday Massacre busted her knee/leg.  The guitars were good, but maybe a little overpowered by the drums n bass.  I could def see potential in these guys, but the rather lengthy set might have had a bit of a toll on them.  I think if they work on their song craft a bit then they have a good future.   For their "Witch Hunt" song, the vocalist raised what looked like an orc (maybe it was a witch, that would make more sense) head above a cauldron that had smoke coming out of it at the front of the stage. I am not sure what was going on there, but  it seemed a bit random and out of place. Why not have more theatrics or none instead of just one part?

The mighty Nile rolled out to an intro then pummeled the enthusiastic audience for about an hour and 15. The last time that I saw them, I was spoiled because they played 2 sets.  This time was about half of that. Pouting.  Regardless, they def played some songs I'd not heard before along with some favourites ("Sarcophagus"), and a bit from their latest effort- At The Gates of Sethu.  I found it humourous that the promo pix still have Dallas Toler-Wade with long hair (he more looks like Devin Townsend now). Karl Sanders and his crew were pretty tight, sounding about the same as last time, maybe even a little better.  I think I'd agree with another friend that their stage presence has def increased over the few times I've seen them, a bit more addressing and involving the crowd.  The crowd was very into it and some pits def broke out for several songs.  I don't know if anyone was growling along or not tho.

For the 10th song, Karl announced "THIS IS BRAHHAHAHAHW GWHAHAHAAA," and I don't even know if anyone could make out the title. A friend mocked him with "oh RAAWWR GRRAHHHA, my favourite song!" I thought that was hilarious, because he did it again a couple songs later (tho some brave soul identified it on  Another friend mentioned cosplaying as a mummy for a Nile show sometime. That could have been accomplished by raiding the bathroom and using the TP.

Speaking of bathroom, I hate how Baltimore venues seem to have a bathroom attendant who makes people feel guilty about using the soap/products that they hold captive. I don't need an attendant, I won't tip them. Please Baltimore, stop doing this. Ram's Head and Baltimore Soundstage both do this. The best/worst part is that the one guy at this venue totally recognizes me and always hassles me. Ain't no one got time for that. I'm not going to tip you, focus your energy on someone else.  I used to not think he was a bad person, but the guilt trip/hassling, especially in the bathroom really is uncomfortable.

ANYWAYS, so Karl and the Niles were pretty solid, and I did have a fun time at the show. I was kind of dreading too long a set, cause some of the heaviness can be a bit much/samey sometimes. But thankfully it seemed long enough (TWSS), and not a chore.  I would have gotten a shirt if I already didn't have one.  If you have seen Nile, this was about the same, performance wise, tho perhaps a bit more enveloping (see stage presence above).  Some solos were still a bit crazy and Kerry King like, but that's how these songs are.  Whatever.

Overall- a fun night that made me forget about the rain. Bummed about Metanium, curious about Exemptus, and pleased with Niles.  I think they  should tour with... ANYONE, cause Karl and the boys must be losing some money on tours like this I'd think.

Next show: NOT Satan. ICED EARTH

Nile end


Exemptus (8-8:45)
  • Whisper Alley
  • Prisoner Of The Dead
  • Life For A Life
  • Final Judgement
  • Witch Hunt
Nile (9:08- 10:25)
  • Sacrifice Unto Sebek
  • Defiling the Gates of Ishtar 
  • Chapter for Transforming into a Snake 
  • Kafir 
  • Hittite Dung Incantation 
  • Enduring the Eternal Molestation of Flame 
  • Supreme Humanism of Megalomania 
  • As He Creates So He Destroys 
  • The Blessed Dead 
  • (???) (from In Their Darkened shrines)
  • The Inevitable Degradation of Flesh 
  • Iskander Dhul Kharnon 
  • Sarcophagus 
  • Lashed to the Slave Stick 
  • Black Seeds of Vengeance