Sunday, August 24, 2014

Mötley Crüe / Alice Cooper @ Jiffy Lube Live 8/22/2014

I went to see Mötley Crüe on their  alleged "Farewell Tour" (~$40 lawn). I met up with my buddy Tony and a few of his buddies (Nick, Joe, etc.).  I know several other people went (Mary, Ruby, Ariel, etc.), but this was one of those times I found no one instead of finding everyone (like at Mayhem).

I got there way too early (last time at KISS we were sitting in traffic for a minute to get in :/), but I did enjoy the somewhat fresh air and a little people watching.  We did have to keep an eye on one friend, unfortunately, who was having too MUCH of a good time. It happens sometimes.

a glimpse of the crowd

I neglected to look at the merch for some reason, but I am sure shirts were ridiculously expensive.

From the parking lot, I heard the Raskins (whomever they are) go on, but didn't really pay attention. They kind of sounded like Pretty Boy Floyd or Poison- more rock and glam than heavy.  I think these got the shaft, because as many people as there were waiting to get in, there were TONS tailgating.  I am pretty sure there were way more people here this evening than the last time I saw Motley w/ KISS, which seems odd.  There were definitely thousands of people out there in the rain and more safely under the pavilion. What? The rain? YES, during Motley's set there was a bit of extended rain.

The Eyes of Alice Cooper

We we able to hustle up the stairs in time to hear Alice Cooper's 2nd song of a set of nearly all hits (OK "Dirty Diamonds" was in there too).  I thought Alice front loaded his set ("18", "...Wheels", "...Nice Guy" etc.), but it was great hearing hit after hit. As a super Alice fan, I think he could have played most anything and I'd be fine ("Thrill my Gorilla?").  However,  as a seasoned hard rock/metal fan, I was a bit disappointed, yet accepting (if it was a solo show instead of support it'd be different) of the 'greatest hits' set by Alice and a very similar stage show to last year's.  Alice is always amazing live, so I really can't fault him for keeping his same set for a bit longer- especially for the casual fans out here to see Crue's "last" time on tour "ever."  I did think during a couple choruses on "Poison" that the vocals were a bit rough.  Apart from that, Alice's band (including new ex-Iron Maidens guitarist  Nina Strauss (also in Femme Fatale)) was pretty solid.  There was an extended jamming part that did meander a bit, but I guess even Alice needs a rest. The "I Love the Dead" interlude w/ the bass player singing was appreciated greatly, for some reason it sounded better this time.  I dunno if I really can say anything really bad about Alice, he's still killing it after all these years!

a whole lotta light

After a bit of a wait, Motley Crue's roadies cued up a song from "A Sound of Music" and then they came out to a huge ovation- and smoke and pyro and fireworks and lights and strippers/backup singers (who sang better than Vince but were in the shadows). Say what you will about these  veteran sleazebags/rockers- love them or hate them they know how to put on a SHOW.  They had a pretty predictable set with all the hits, and it was a pretty long time for them to play as well (about 2 hrs).

Mick was a bit drowned out by Nikki and Tommy's rhythm section. Vince was half singing as usual, but somehow he was singing more like 75% of the words rather than 60%. With the crowd and the backing singers/dancers singing along at the key points, everything was supposed to even out- but there were totally dead spots.  It was loud enough, but the spotty performances/mixes made this "farewell tour" not a great note to go out on, IMO.  The rain about halfway thru was pretty unpleasant, but my hat shielded my head from the rain while the rest of me got soaked. Several people did leave or try to move up to the pavilion.

The worst part of the show is a toss up between the rant and the limp solos (besides Vince's poor singing). The long rant/talk about Motley Crue and its history from Nikki Sixx just killed momentum, and I can't recall when exactly he did it, but it def was raining like hell when he was going on.  I def could have used another song or 2 instead of the rant and the solos. I knew we'd get a drum and a guitar solo, so it was one of those... well OK  let's see how it is this time.  Tommy Lee's drum solo was annoying in that the backing tracks were mostly hip hop/rap/dubstep.  My friend heard some Corabi Crue songs, which were fitting, but they had poor choices on the rest. I think Tommy Lee is talented, but his drum solo was more of a spectacle rather than interesting musically.  The crowd seemed to love his flipping and spinning drum kit though.

Mick Mars' solo was kind of just creaking on his guitar, and reminded me of Brian May's meandering solo when I saw Queen.  I wanted to like it more, but I just couldn't get into it.  Thankfully, things picked up after that to the best song of the night (IMO)- "Live Wire."  At one point, there was an extended instrumental part, which Tony and I thought sounded remarkably like "Heaven and Hell," and we started singing that.

Overall, it was a bit of a mixed bag. I had fun, but there were numerous irritations and  (rain, babysitting, waiting a bit) underwhelming performances (Vince, solos).  I doubt this is Crue's actual last tour, but it certainly brought out the people. 

next show: GRENDEL in Delaware

Alice Cooper

  • The Underture
  • Hello Hooray
  • No More Mr. Nice Guy
  • Under My Wheels
  • I'm Eighteen
  • Billion Dollar Babies
  • Poison
  • Dirty Diamonds
  • Jam section
  • Welcome to My Nightmare
  • Feed My Frankenstein
  • Ballad of Dwight Fry
  • Killer (partial)
  • I Love the Dead (partial)
  • School's Out (with snippet of "Another Brick in the Wall Part 2")

Motley Crue
  • So Long, Farewell (Rodgers & Hammerstein song, tape)
  • Saints of Los Angeles
  • Wild Side
  • Primal Scream
  • Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.)
  • Looks That Kill
  • On With the Show
  • Too Fast for Love
  • Smokin' in the Boys' Room (Brownsville Station cover) (with Gary Glitter's "Rock Roll part II")
  • Without You
  • Mutherfucker of the Year
  • Anarchy in the U.K.(Sex Pistols cover)
  • T.N.T. (Terror 'N Tinseltown)
  • Dr. Feelgood
  • In the Beginning
  • Shout at the Devil
  • Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
  • Drum Solo (zzz)
  • Guitar Solo
  • Live Wire
  • Too Young to Fall in Love
  • Girls, Girls, Girls
  • Kickstart My Heart

  • Home Sweet Home