Monday, October 13, 2014

Suffocation / Kataklysm / Jungle Rot/ Pyrexia @ Empire 10/10/2014

I went to see Suffocation and co at Empire ($20). There were originally  11 (!) bands slotted to play from around 6. I saw Nids, Scott, Sean, Jason, Miss Lindsey, Blake, Ariel y Ilem, Nathan w/ a J, Alie, Chris Crazy Wolf, Dorothy, Dan G., Brian B, Matt R, Luke, Renae, AND Metal Chris there. I had Seen Suffocation last in February up in Baltimore.

There was a decent turnout for the rainy Friday night, about 220-250? I'm not sure when most people got there, but by 8 or so all the locals had finished playing. I wanted to see Gloom and March to Victory, but work was not havin' it. Oh well, from 5ish to midnight plus is a LONG time and a lot of bands, so maybe it was for the best. I actually could have gotten up way closer, now that I think of it, as in between sets it cleared out to the bars/outside, so I could have wrangled right next to Chris Crazy-Wolf, Danny G, or SeƱorita Alie and gotten spit on by Maurizio. That would have been kind of cool, but I think after the last 2 Estrogen fests of Within Temptation and Lacuna Coil I needed some Testosterone to even things out :3

So much merch

Merchandise wise, there were a ton of shirts and other items! Most shirts were $20, (one jungle rot one was $10). CDs ($10-15), patches ($10), hats, hoodies, and um shorts. Pretty good selection, but not much really caught my eye.

eeeyyy I'm Metalin' Heah!

Brutal death metal (with a little hardcore) Pyrexia was on first, I had last seen them at the Aborted show in March. I think I got into them a bit more this time mostly because the sound was surprisingly clear on the left side of the floor. Yes, that's right, clear sound at Empire! I don't know what was going on, but Pyrexia was the first of a a few bands that sounded pretty great. There was not too much of a reaction from the crowd, which was a bit odd. The vocalist from Internal Bleeding (on before Pyrexia) joined them for one song as well.


Thrashy Death Metalers Jungle Rot were on next. I last saw them in April last year, before their last album came out. I was most excited for them and Kataklysm- I could have taken or left the other bands. That being said, Jungle Rot is not the most inventive band, but they sure sounded solid live. Again, II for II of bands sounding great this evening! I thought "...Finest Hour" was their best, and there were a few more sweet headbanging moments. Their set was a little samey sounding but still enjoyable. There was a bit of pit movements during their set as well.

No one Crippled or Broken in the pit...yet

Canadian Death Metal Kataklysm were around last in 2012, and I was pretty excited to see them, especially since side project Ex Deo cancelled some tours over here too. Lead vocalist Maurizio Iacono had more than a few Triple H water spitting moments. There were pits a plenty during their almost co-headling set. I kept thinking about Trailer Park Boys for some reason during this set as well. As excited as I was for them, I was a bit underwhelmed by the setlist. I believe Maurizio said that they had to cut a couple songs (sets seemed to be slightly later than anticipated, so maybe that affected the timings), which was also disappointing. Adding to the IMO lacking setlist, the sound deteriorated around the third song, and never really recovered. Whomever was running sound before Kataklysm was doing a great job, and must have tagged out during this set. The songs were way too muffled for full enjoyment.

If he was god, he'd mosh them all

One good thing was that they pulled out several songs that I certainly hadn't heard before (aka deep cuts!). I wish I had time to pull out my old Kataklysm LPs and give those some spins, because I would have totally dug hearing those rarities ("...Swans", "Illuminati,"The Awakener,""Stormland"). I should have asked some Kayaklysm super fans what they thought- but I know if it was a band I followed and had a chance to hear some rare songs I'd def be into it! I do appreciate the variety and things sounded decent (tho no thanks to Empire sound), but I think I should have brushed up on their discography.

Ricky n Suffo

Death metal legends Suffocation were the headliners- but it would turn out that I would leave early THIS time too. A special note that Ricky Myers (Drummer of Disgorge) apparently would be doing vocal duties on some other dates, and did at least one song this evening. I thought he was pretty energetic and sounded decent enough. Vocalist Frank Mullen is not done with Suffocation, but has decided to alter his touring availability. That seemed kind of odd, but I understand- dude's not getting any younger. They played around the same songs at the start of their set as they did last time, so things sounded familiar. I'm not a big Suffocation fan, but the sound guy must have come back because it sounded a bit clearer than Kataklysm. The crowd got moving, but not nearly as much as I thought they would have- maybe people were pooped from the other bands?

fotos of the setlist

I rolled out around midnight, so I believe I only caught half the set. I updated the setlist according to the one Chris Crazy-Wolf got a foto of earlier in the evening. has this a little different. The crowd seemed appreciative, but there was some subdued energy this evening. Overall a decent show, but plagued by sound issues and I'm sure I'd have some comments about too many bands if I had arrived earlier.



  • ?over and over?
  • Bludgeoned by Deformity
  • ? (duet ish with some other guy)
  • ?Battery?
  • ?( Fing Hate you all
  • Sermon of Mockery 

Jungle Rot (9:27- 10:01)

  • Voice Your Disgust
  • Terror Regime
  • Their Finest Hour
  • Ruthless Omnipotence
  • Worst Case Scenario (misspelled on their setlist)
  • More Demon Souls
  • Strangulation Mutilation
  • Face Down
  • Strong Shall Survive

Kataklysm (10:22-11:11)

  • Like Angels Weeping
  • If I was God... I'd Burn it All
  • Like Animals
  • ? *sound deteriorated
  • Blood on the Swans
  • The Awakener
  • Stormland
  • Shadows and Dust
  • Illuminati
  • ?Iron Will?
  • Fire
  • Crippled and Broken

Suffocation (11:35 -12:02 -they kept going)

  • Thrones of Blood
  • Catatonia (with different vocalist)
  • As Grace Descends
  • Effigy Of The Forgotten
  • Funeral Inception
  • Entrails of You
  • Purgatorial Punishment
  • Pierced from Within
  • My Demise
  • Breeding The Spawn
  • Liege of Inveracity
  • Dismal Dream
  • Infecting the Crypts