Friday, November 6, 2015

Ghost @ The Fillmore Silver Spring 9/22/2015

I went to see Ghost (BC) ($29) at the Fillmore, Silver Spring. I saw Marie, Ti and Dr Erin Laser, Spencer, Ray F, Shabba, and Renae there. This was a much hate or much love show depending on who you were. Ghost seems to be very polarizing, for a variety of reasons. So I can only imagine the comments that this will generate.

I got there later than most, because I didn't care about the opener  (Purson) after hearing some samples. ALSO WORK. There were, predictably a number of people there, especially because they just dropped their (pretty great) new album Meloria.

Opus Merchandisus

Merchandise was but a bit overpriced ($35 for a t shirt, $50 for some other shirt). There were also shorts and a tote bag. Let's say one can't blame a brother for trying to make a buck. I think everything was a bit overpriced, but there were a couple interesting designs. I didn't purchase anything

Papa and the Gimmicks Nameless Ghouls

Sound wise, Ghost sounded pretty great with the Fillmore's already top sound system. The plentiful fog was annoying and made photo taking difficult. This eventually dissipated and some ok shots were had. The stage show was not very elaborate, but there was a lot of light work, and the backdrop, which featured a large scale version of some album art, was exquisite. Fabulous to see it in such a large size.

GHOST Artwork

Papa Emeritus III and his Nameless Ghouls were in top form, the Ghouls in their grey/silver horned masks, and Papa with his evil/faux pope outfit. Now, as the real pope was in town around this time, that added to a bit of the controversy. several songs in, Papa switched outfits and lost his hat. He looked very different and it threw the vibe off, with his less elaborate outfit and visible hair. His haircut reminded me of one from Boy Meets World. The evil elegance was lost at that point, IMO. Not to mention that he seemed to talk a lot more this time, or maybe it was the way he talked that really broke some of the Ghost magic this evening for me.

If you want Body and Blood you got it

The setlist comprised of their new album (9/10 songs), 6 from their sophomore release Infestissumam , and  4 from their debut Opus Eponymous and the title track from their If You Have Ghosts EP. Not a bad selection- I think it was really great to hear a new album live... when it's great (I'm looking at your Iron Maiden- A Matter of ...crap and meh songs). When I last saw Ghost they only had a couple albums out and they played nearly every song they had- the advantages of seeing bands headline when they have few albums! A nice hour and forty minute set too!

A Nameless Blur

The live sound made several songs sound even better. my top pics were the surprisingly heavy "Mummy Dust" and the very Deep Purple "Majesty." Have to say I am a bit conflicted because I enjoy many of their songs, but still think they are overrated and other bands should have the success they do and get off my lawn. I still think "Monstrance Clock" is a pretty lame closer. probably on par with Kamelot choosing "March of Mephisto" for their closer constantly. The guilty pleasure of "Body and Blood" (so groovy) was my favourite of the night tho.

Note the costume change into a 1990's haircut
Another view

There were a couple of wtf parts- mini drum solo, some of the extra smoke, drum solo, the costume change. some of the hate online ;3 And, conversely, some of the super love online too- seriously people there are better bands out there. But hey, I went to this show too! Oh and I am pretty sure they maligned Silver Spring as "Silver Springs." Sigh.

The crowd was, as anticipated, the odd mix of hipsters, normal looking people, metalheads, and some odds and ends. That part of the vibe was very strange, but everyone seemed to be having a good time and getting along. And of course some people overrating this band was a bit annoying too. But all in all, it was a pretty great show.  Overall, worth the trip out, and kind of glad they had an opener I didn't care for. I know some people think they are boring or are a bit perplexed how Ghost is getting more credit than Blue Oyster Cult (SERIOUSLY people.), but it was pretty fun either way.

Next show: Cheap Trick, also at the Fillmore

Ghost (9:40- 11:24)

  • Spirit
  • From the Pinnacle to the Pit
  • Ritual
  • Con Clavi Con Dio
  • Per Aspera ad Inferi
  • Majesty
  • Drum solo
  • Stand by Him 
  • Prime Mover 
  • Body and Blood 
  • Devil Church 
  • Cirice 
  • Year Zero
  • Jigolo Har Megiddo (Acoustic)
  • Spöksonat
  • He Is
  • Absolution
  • Mummy Dust
  • Ghuleh/Zombie Queen
  • If You Have Ghosts(Roky Erickson cover)

  • Monstrance Clock