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Paganfest @ Sonar 3/29/2012

Went with Milla, Ulrich, and Trigger to see Paganfest North America. This was the first stop on the tour. And the first time that Turisas has done/is doing a headling tour in North America. Pretty cool. Angie, one of Milla's friends from a bit ago, was also there. I recall saying something like "Angie, like the Rolling Stones song?" and "Steve, like Stevie Nicks...but different." Milla and Ulrich had Turisas facepaint. I might do some for Behemoth or 1349.

We parked near city hall (seemed same) and walked over. Actually was the easiest time I've had going to Sonar, somehow. When we got there some band was playing, I was thinking it was the last localish opener. It was actually the 2nd. We later learned for some reason everything was 1.5 hours late. That's right, we arrive around 8 and only one band has been on. It was a LONG night.

There were a lot of interesting people including
  • People in Turisas facepaint
  • really fat guy with bunny ears
  • girl in white booty shorts getting groped by the guy she was with
  • someone with some sort of spear
  • kilted people
  • various armoured people (including a dude in chain mail
  • some chick with a short sword
  • some guy with a batman tattoo on his chest and some DIRTY ass sweatpants with stains

Second opener was Deranged Theory , they were alright, the vocalist was in a kilt and a wrestling type belt. He had a polearm, a sword, some God of War blades, and maybe a dagger at various points during their set. They kept on mentioning different video games (Castlevania, God of War, etc.)

So Huntress finally came on and I was pumped to hear them live. Their singer, Jill Janus aka DJ Tusedae aka Penelope Tuesdae, was def working her angle. After 30 seconds into their set I was convinced that she had to be a stripper or something previously. She reminded me of a thinner, bustier Doro (not a bad thing). I liked their slightly thrashier more classic sound. Some sort of Wiccan or witch theme, and Jill drank some 'blood' at one point...that sloppily dripped down her mouth and onto her ample cleavage.

I got a photo with Huntress (but had not turned on the flash WTF) and then Arkona came on. They sounded alright, about as good as last time I saw them (with Kamelot), but maybe better since I was a bit more familiar with their songs. I still don't think their songs are really good to mosh to. They sound better on the album, but it is still nice seeing them live. <3 Russian chicks. The crowd was pretty receptive to them, despite some resistance to moshing (and a reported ignoring the request for a wall of death).

Alestorm creeped on around... 11 I think. They came on to some amazing 8bit version of Wenches and Mead. The crowd got a bit more rowdy here. They sounded really good, but their setlist order was kind of odd- it didn't flow as well as last time (again, with Kamelot). I would have rather heard "HUNTMASTER" or "Captain Morgan's Revenge" instead of "Midget Saw," but it was nice to hear that live (hadn't been played before live here). I enjoyed their set the best of the night.

Finally, Turisas came on at like 12:30. Yeah, it was a ridiculously late night- so late that it felt like a Jaxx show. They sounded really good, but a combination of factors (tired, anxious about work, anxious about car, violins lulling factors, not THAT familiar with their songs) had me a bit underwhelmed. The violin parts sounded beautiful, especially when it was their solos. However, I really was in the mood for something less epic and more um...brutal maybe. Too many strings and synth strings too late. Epic is a good word to describe Turisas and their grandiose vision (reminded me of Rhapsody, but less narration). The songs I did recognize sounded good, but just lacked a bit of umph, IMO. They were very professional and tight (and all in facepaint :3 ), which I totes appreciated. The frontman was talking about Pabst blue ribbon and we all booed when he joked about judging Baltimore by this beer. I really wanted to hear Rasputin :(

Picture wise I realized I didn't get any of Arkona somehow. I got a bunch of Huntress (tho I coulda used a damn flash...). Alestorm's ones came out blurry and unusable. And then my phone died right when Turisas came on. Like what happened at damn Iced Earth.

Overall, this was probably my second 'worst' concert of the year so far. First worst being Deicide, so far. But I still enjoyed it for the most part. Just the whole lateness thing killed a lot of enjoyment X_X,
ALSO EX DEO was supposed to be on this tour, but they were not, for some reason :/

Facepaint hyjinx
Huntress photos
me and Huntres


Deranged Theory
  • song about the Headless horseman
  • song about Darksiders
  • song about Castelvania
  • song that sounded like Powerslave
  • song about God of War ("Abandoned by god"?)

  • ?
  • ?
  • Aradia
  • Spelleater
  • 8 of Swords

  • Pokrovy Nebesnogo Startsa
  • Goi, Rode, Goi
  • Yarilo
  • Stenku Na Stenku
  • ?
  • ?

  • 8bit intro
  • Shipwrecked
  • Wenches and Mead
  • Sunken Norweigen
  • Nancy the Tavern Wench
  • Back Thru Time
  • Keelhauled
  • Midget Saw
  • Rum


  • Intro
  • The March of the Varangian Guard
  • Take the Day
  • To Holmgard and Beyond
  • Violin Break
  • The Dnieper Rapids
  • One More
  • The Great Escape
  • Violin interlude 2
  • Five Hundred and One
  • Rex Regi Rebellis (Finnish version)
  • Hunting Pirates
  • Stand Up and Fight
  • Battle Metal
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Van Halen @ Verizon Center March 28, 2012

Went to see Van Halen last night with my buddy Tony and his dad. We heard a bit of Kool and The Gang play, but did not watch. No setlist for them, but assuming they played their hits.

Shirts: cover of new album, some meh looking tour shirts, a cool pinup girl one, nothing really remarkable besides that particular one tho

There were a TON of people there. I'd not been to Verizon/MCI/whatever the hell it is called since WWE was still WWF and Stone Cold came back. A sea of constantly moving people (except by the merch and drink booths, those were packed) and so many people scalping tickets. We had some drinks and made our way up to the 205 section where our seats were.

The lights went down at about 9PM and they played until about 10:46PM. The band sounded GREAT, and it def was worth every penny. Some switch ups from the setlists I've seen posted, but pretty much the same. Dave (of course) flubbed the lyrics on more than a few songs, but his energetic antics, constant smile, and overall showmanship (jumps, kicks, splits, ridiculous gyrations) made up for it. Eddie and crew played flawlessly and were tight. Eddie himself was effortlessly making that guitar talk.

"I'll Wait" sounded extra good, I was surprised. Drum solo was zzz for me, I'd taken a piss break earlier mistakenly. "Blood and Fire" should have been swapped out for any other song. "Hang 'Em High" was a great addition

Before "Ice Cream Man" Dave was alone on the stage with an acoustic guitar and the screen (titantron?) showed footage of him and his dog... herding sheep. Apparently he does that on his off time, he was speaking about some sort of competition. So bizarre.

Van Halen Photos
Vna Halen Photos II

  • Unchained
  • Running w/ The Devil
  • She's the woman
  • Full Bug
  • Tattoo
  • Everybody wants some
  • Somebody Get Me a Doctor
  • Chinatown (I took a Piss Break here)
  • Jamie's Crying
  • Pretty woman
  • Drum solo/ piss break
  • You really Got Me
  • Blood 'n fire
  • Dance the night away
  • I'll wait ( Dave forgot the words and said so)
  • Hot for Teacher
  • Women in love
  • Hang em high
  • Beautiful girls
  • Sheeps and Dog interlude (wtf)
  • Ice cream Man
  • Panama
  • Eddie solo (w/ Eruption,cathedral,etc.)
  • Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
  • Jump

Iced Earth @ 930 Club 3/13/2012

Went w/ Milla to see Iced Earth play 930 club with Warbringer. We got there a little after Warbringer came on, so whatever they played for the first 10 or so minutes I don't know. Saw Dorothy and that Scott guy there. There was a pretty smallish crowd, the bottom of the 930 Club would be pretty full if the scattered people on the balcony came down, but not so full that people would be packed like sardines. A poor turnout, these guys really should be more popular :/ The crowd had a lot of older looking chaps, but a good number of younger people too. This was not a mosh heavy crowd. The merch looked alright, I didn't see anything that struck my fancy tho.

Warbringer sounded decent. But since I am not that familiar with Warbringer, having only their new album they sounded a bit generic thrashy. Not bad, but not OMFG let me get this album! They played a couple songs before the frontman asked why no one was moshing? Moshing commenced in a small group after that. I wonder if he didn't say anything if any pits would have broken out. This 

They played Long Live Rock n Roll on the PA between the sets, possibly cause someone saw my Rainbow shirt (or so I'd like to think?).

Iced Earth came on...and my phone died/would not let me take photos beyond the one I got of them. They sounded GREAT though. The first few songs sounded perfect- it was marvelous. After that it got a bit looser, but still sounded great.  Highlights for me were 'Days of Rage' Iced Earth played BURNING TIMES as a bonus (didn't see that on any other setlists for this tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Warbringer photos

Iced Earth photos



  • (?missed anything before )
  • Shoot to kill
  • Future ages gone
  • Shattered Like Glass
  • Demonic Ecstasy
  • (an Old one?)
  • Total war
  • Senseless life
  • Living in a whirlwind
  • Combat shock

Iced Earth
  • Dystopia
  • Angel's Holocaust
  • Slave to the Dark
  • V
  • Stand Alone
  • When the Night Falls
  • Dark City
  • Damien
  • Anthem
  • Declaration Day
  • Days of Rage
  • Watching Over Me
  • Dante's Inferno
  • Iced Earth

VNV Nation @ Ram's head Live 3/12/2012

Went to see VNV Nation on 3/12/2012  at Ram's Head Live with John and Kate. I was not sure about going to this show as Iced Earth is/was the next day... but I did end up rolling up.  We got there about 7:45 and thought we were missing part of Straftanz, but they went on at 8PM instead of the advertized 7:30PM. Good! So we had a couple happy hours.

Straftanz was, like last time, energetic and enjoyable. They had a unicorn toy that I do not recall them having last time that they displayed prominently during one song. I think they had the same setlist

VNV Nation was similar to their last show- very positive and surprisingly high energy for a fat man. It was loud, but not so loud that I needed earplugs. They played a slightly different setlist than in December, so that was fun. It seemed maybe extended, but maybe the 'extended live set' that was purported didn't seem that extended. Oh well.

There was a smallish crowd (no balconies opened, but the floor was decently filled- if everyone was there you could fit everyone on the main floor and still have decent 'personal space'). Some cute girls, some not, some glowsticks, a lot of people wearing black (duh). Was a good concert overall.

Straftanz Photos
Straftanz Photos II
VNV Nation Photos
VNV Nation Photos II

Forward Ever
Fuer Die Kinder (Ist Mir Egal!)
The Bass Below
Die Neue F-Klasse (Ein Panzerlied)
Tanzt Kaputt, Was Euch Kaputt Macht! 

VNV Nation
Space &time
Tomorrow never comes
Distant (Rubicon 2) (?)

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Michael Schenker Group @ Jaxxpire 3/7/2012

I went to see Michael Schenker Group (featuring Robin McAuley) at Jaxxpire (Empire, formerly Jaxx) and it was great! My buddy Tony was a bit sick and my brother was way too tired from work, so it was just me :"(
Dorothy was at this show too X__X; I think we almost headbanged into each other during DOCTOR. DOCTOR \m/  The crowd was older and not that many people. probably a little over 100 people (JaxxPire holds like 500).  Is nice going to a show and not worrying about getting caught in a mosh.

I got there as the opener was finishing (sounded a little like AC/DC )...and so there was a bit of time to wait. The merch booth had autographed photos, maybe a drum head, and a weak t shirt ($30 if I remember correctly).

Robin looked pretty good for however old he is  AND sang very well...Schenker looked a bit decrepit but played flawlessly, hunched over his flying V. He had the rhythm guitarist he had last time- the one that looked like Dimebag. Nothing to complain about in the rhythm section. I somehow forgot Schenker always is on the right side of the stage and I was in the middle instead... Highlights for me were the lone McAuley Schenker song (so good, highly underrated) and the Scorpions stuff. Overall a great show that I wish more people had been able to make. Oh well

set 1 , set 2, set 3

They only played 1 McauleySG song :/  a couple of Scorpions songs, one new MSG, several old MSG, and a lot of UFO songs

01. Into the Arena
02. Armed and Ready
03. Lovedrive
04. Another Piece of Meat
05. Lover's Sinfony
06. Save Yourself
07. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
08. Rock My Nights Away
09. Shoot Shoot
10. Love to Love
11. Too Hot to Handle
12. Let It Roll
13. Natural Thing
14. Lights Out

15. On and On
16. Rock Bottom
17. Doctor Doctor

Children of Bodom @ Ram's head Live 3/4/2012

3/4/2012 Milla n I saw Children of Bodom live @ Ram's head Live. Revocation and Eluveitie opened for them. We got there and Revocation had been playing for a little bit. We used the restroom and then checked out the merch tables.  It was pretty crowded, people on balconies, filling up the main floor. Saw Dorothy and that guy with really long hair (Scott) here- both of which were at the Deicide show (and later at the Iced Earth show- coming soon). I think there was another band before Revocation but we didn't care about them/showed up after they finished. Merchandise they had was kinda meh, and I was not impressed with the COB shirts. Bought an Eluveitie shirt for Milla and their new CD.
We watched the last half of Revocation from the merch table. They were alright. I didn't think they were that great. Not bad, but not worth getting worked up over. Best part was when the front man was talking about one song that was about Valhalla or something similar (allegedly). He then proceeded to growl "ITS LIKE SKYRIM...but the DRAGONS have TITS!" Hilarious. Setlist is a guess from other sets reported on the tour.

Revocation photo

Eluveitie came on next with about 12 people on stage. Very interesting to see and hear the different folk instruments...except that the drums were too loud and drowned out the flutes and hurdy gurdy and whatever else they were using more often than not. I still thought they were good. The crowd was pretty receptive, but unsure of moshing to folk metal for some reason. Milla was way more familiar with their stuff and enjoyed their set a bit more. I took the setlist from as I could not tell you what songs they played except for that Zelda song (Epona..well makes me think of Zelda). There was totally an all girl pit at one point for them or for COB (can't recall)

Eluveitie photos

Children of Bodom finally came on after we secured a place near the middle of the back. Over the show we steadily were pushed back and ended up at the back of the right side, near the ramp (what a bad place). Children of Bodom sounded great, and may have been better than the last time I saw them. Pulling out some old favourites that I don't think I've heard them do live before (Kissing...) was excellent. Alexi sounded a bit more precise this time as well, which helped his guitar playing. Near the end of the set, Eluveitie came out and set up a table with a mixer, some liquor and were making some manner of shots and/or mixed drinks for COB. A really good setlist, I could have done with BODOM BEACH TERROR, but what can you do?

Children of Bodom photos


Age Of Iniquity
Dismantle The Dictator
Across Forests & Fjords
Conjuring The Cataclysm
No Funeral

Everything Remains As It Never Was
Kingdom Come Undone
A Rose For Epona
Meet The Enemy
Quoth The Raven
Inis Mona

Last band of the night, CHILDREN OF BODOM!!!!!! This was now my 8th times seeing them live, and as I've always said, they never disappoint live. For the longest time everytime I've seen them, nothing ever topped the first time I saw them in 2006 at the Kool Haus headlining for Are You Dead Yet? But after last night, I think we have a new best Bodom show. They just played the show of their lives and the setlist for this tour is just amazing Plus they played 2 song I have never seen live before. Bodom = AWESOME

Are You Dead Yet?
Silent Night, Bodom Night
Kissing The Shadows
Shovel Knockout
Living Dead Beat
Everytime I Die
Deadnight Warrior
Hate Me!
Angels Don't Kill
In Your Face
Lake Bodom
Hate Crew Deathroll
Bodom After Midnight

Friday, March 2, 2012

Deicide/ Jungle Rot / Abigail Williams/ Lecherous Nocturne / Krass Judgement @ Empire (Jaxx/ Jaxxpire) 3/1/2012

I went to see Deicide and Jungle Rot at Empire (formerly JAXX...Jaxxpire?). First time I'd been back since Korpiklaani in December. The JAXX sign is now EMPIRE (Empire!) and there is a lot of new, modern/clean looking improvements/changes. New paint pretty much everywhere. Only one staff member from the 'old guard' there- The sound dude. The ticket booth now is an actual booth. There were a couple other places where a similar 'booth' was erected- with a black top and silver metal looking paneling. There is a small stage in the back bar, and both bars were stripped down. A couple easy to read whiteboards or some signs were visible near them advertising drink specials. The bathrooms (well the mens at least) have tile, the urinal trough is gone, and it seemed CLEAN in there. There was a huge banner in the back of the stage that said EMPIRE (EMPIRE!) and some big flags of their new tiger mascot were on the sides of the stage. Staff was attentive and no problems to report when I got a Michael Schenker ticket. Seems like a change for the better...

Another change I noticed was that things seemed way more on time than usual JAXX time... The set changes seemed to take about 1/3 less time- I wish I had timed things. There was an actual time schedule posted on the side of the speakers- and the numbers there were pretty accurate. This (and the bathrooms) was a big improvement IMO. We'll see if the Schenker show next week will be as smooth.

I got there a bit too early (7:45 or so), and saw most of the set for Krass Judgement (Thrashy Death Metal). They were decent, I in particular enjoyed the guitarist shredding. He looked like a young Jeff H. from Slayer. There was some seemingly random big boned black guy backing up/helping on some of the guttural vocals (and did fine in that respect). He seemed a little out of place, and at one point came down tot he floor and tried to invoke a pit.

Krass Judgement photos

Lecherous Nocturne came on next, and they sounded like some sort of black/death metal combo. The vocalist was extra unintelligible and the music didn't sound particularly great IMO. I disliked their set.

Abigail Williams came on after a quick set change, and I was not sure what to expect. They had some sort of 'core' or death sound but I know they recently shifted gears to a black metal sound. And apparently a chick who knew/was photographing the previous band informed me that they had gone thru NUMEROUS lineup changes... They sounded like some sort of atmospheric black metal- with tracks that are probably off that newest album (which is in that style). I know the last song is def "Beyond...". I am assuming that the rest of their setlist is the same as from some December shows... I think they were better than Lecherous Nocturne, but I don't think I was in the mood for this atmospheric type music so I didn't enjoy their set too much.

Jungle Rot was next (and they had speakers with their logo emblazoned on them). I was pretty excited to see them- had not seen them live before. They sounded very good and were the highlight of the show for me. I def banged my head a lot during their set. They got the crowd moving and some actual pits rolled out.

Abagail Williams and Jungle Rot photos

Deicide came on around 11PM and the floor got a lot fuller, and they all seemed pumped to see these dudes. They were very loud, but a quite bit unintelligible (perhaps more than anticipated). I think they sounded way better on the album (I was also way tired by that point and not sure if that affected the sonic review) and I think I would say I was a bit disappointed. The crowd seemed a bit dead compared to Jungle Rot and all the moshing after the 4th or so song. The pits that Deicide had dried up after that... quite odd. I stayed for what I predict was about half of their set.

Deicide photos

Overall I'm glad I went (tho I could have taken my time eating a bit more X__X)

There was some idiot doing some sort of martial arts posing with his moshing/stomping around/hardcore dancing. I had never seen something like what he was doing at a show before. It was like he was doing some Kung Fu poses in between stomping around. I mostly avoiding getting caught in a mosh.

Krass Judgement
  • Come and See
  • Vengeance
  • Crack
  • Unwanted

Lecherous Nocturne
  • ? no clue

Abagail Williams
  • ? (maybe Ascension Sickness)
  • ? (maybe Radiance)
  • Beyond the Veil

Jungle Rot
  • Intro
  • ?
  • Blood Ties
  • Demon Souls
  • Worst Case Scenario
  • Misplaced Anger
  • Let them Die
  • Rise up & Revolt
  • Fight or Die
  • Strong Shall Survive
  • ? (sounded like he said "Carbomb")

  • Homage for Satan
  • Dead by Dawn
  • Once Upon the Cross
  • Scars of the Crucifix
  • --
  • When Satan Rules His World
  • Serpents of the Light
  • Save Your
  • Hang in Agony Until You're Dead
  • Conviction
  • Blame It on God
  • They Are the Children of the Underworld
  • Death to Jesus
  • Witness of Death
  • Desecration
  • < at this point I left to go home and sleep>
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