Saturday, October 13, 2012

Death Angel @ Empire 10/7/2012

I went to see the Death Angel band 10/7/2012 with John. A night of THRASH METALS. There were like 10 bands listed, so I figured, get there around 7 or 8 and be fine. WRONG. we got there and Yesterday's Saints were coming on at like 7:30. So that meant 4 more bands before Death Angel. It was going to be a loooooooong night. Saw Ms Ruby and Dorothy there this night!

There was a bit of merch for nearly all the bands. Death Angel's shirts were pretty cool, but I didn't end up getting anything. I think I shoulda looked for a Threat Signal CD, but oh well.

Yesterday's Saints was on a little bit after we got there, so I was interested in seeing how the band that the guy I got the ticket from was like. They had growling vocals, interspersed with some clean vox. It reminded me a bit of Warrell Dane from Nevermore (formerly of? are they still active?!). They were decent overall. Didn't really catch any of the song titles.

Potential Threat - only caught a couple songs, didn't really have a positive or negative opinion of them. They just sounded like plain old thrash to me.  Also, it was confusing having two 'threat' bands.

Wretched came on next and we hit the floor to see them too. I was not familiar with them at all. They had some decent energy and reminded me of The Black Dahlia Murder, minus the technical guitar work and solos. So def not as good. Good energy, but nothing very distinctive.

Bonded by Blood, whom John and I both wanted to see, rolled on next. They sounded really good, and I recognized many of the songs. The singer had his two toned puffy curly hair which reminded me a LOT of Claudio from Coheed and Cambria. Great energy for these guys. I am pretty sure I pushed John around a bit for them. Troll lo lol. Their guitarist was skinny and young looking, like his guitar mighta been too heavy for him. But he played very well.

Threat Signal, another band I didn't look up cause I was too busy re-listening to The Ultraviolence several times, was from Canada. They had a kind of clean 'modern metal' sound but a bit heavier. They were enjoyable, melodic, I may have to look them up a bit more. Watched these guys from the rail on the left of Jaxx/Empire. I know I headbanged a lot to them as well.

Death Angel finally came on kind of late, and John and I braved the pit to do what needed to be done. They started off with their 'Ultraviolence' album first. The singer had some horrible lookin dreads (greyish and ratty) . But the entire band sounded very tight. The drummer I thought woulda been skinnier with all the insane drumming going on. The crowd was pretty pumped for them, but seemed a bit tired by the time it was time for them. The pits seemed less intense and for some reason, the 3 newest songs didn't get much reaction from the crowd. I thought they sounded great and def was headbanging, man. During one of the extended instrumental parts (I think it was during "The Ultraviolence") they had snippets from 'Bark at the Moon,' 'Super Mario theme,' and 'Everybody Wants Some!' We def bumped people around a little bit. I can't recall which song(s) tho.

Overall a very good show. John and I were rather tired after this, and it was totally worth the $15 for freakin 5+ hours of metal thrashing mad music. MAN.

Yesterday's Saints
Wretched II
Bonded By Blood
Threat Signal
Death Angel



Yesterday's Saints (730)
  • Gates of Valhalla
  • War Method
  • Valkyrie 
  • Insist on Pain 
  • Divine Tragedy

Potential Threat  (missed all but 2 songs)

  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • Summerian Shambler
  • Talisman

 Bonded By Blood (9:27 - 10)

  •  ?
  • ?
  • Immortal Life
  • In the Shadows
  • Among the
  • The Aftermath
  • Left behind

Threat Signal (10:14 - 10:43)

  •  ?
  • Beginning of the End
  • Comatose
  • ?
  • The New beginning

 Death Angel (11:20 - 12:43)

  • Thrashers
  • Evil Priest
  • Voracious Souls
  • Kill as One
  • The Ultra-Violence (W/ snippets of Bark @ the Moon, Mario theme, Everybody Wants Some)
  • Mistress of Pain
  • Final Death
  • I.P.F.S.
  • Relentless Revolution
  • Claws In So Deep
  • Truce
  • 3rd Floor
  • Seemingly Endless Time
  • Thrown to the Wolves