Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Cult @ the Fillmore, Silver Spring 08/20/2013

I went with Tony to see The Cult at the Fillmore, Silver Spring. Met up with Ariel and Mrs Ariel, Tom, and def saw some hair band ppl (Vince/Hogan! T Ranny).

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Enuff Z'Nuff / Bang Tango/ Ted Poley @ Nabb's Creek, Glen Burnie, MD 8/18/2013

I went to meet up with Tony to see some hair bands at Nabb's Creek Dock Bar in Glen Burnie. I saw Rachel  (and that guy who looks like Hulk Hogan/Vince Neil) there.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Midnight Eye/ Exar Kun @The Pinch 8/8/2013

I somehow was done work earlier than anticipated so accompanied to Midnight Eye's free show for their EP release in DC at The Pinch. There weren't too many people at this show that I knew (Sarah, Metal Chris, Catherine, and maybe one more person. Met Grant there too). 

Wintersun/ Fleshgod Apocalypse/ Arsis/ Starkill/ Fallen Martyr/ March to Victory @Baltimore Soundstage 8/6/2013

We went to see WINTERSUN and a bunch of killer bands at the Baltimore Soundstage. The venue was supposed to be the Fillmore, Silver Spring- but for some reason was moved to the Soundstage. I don't know why, maybe the advance sales were less than anticipated? We saw a slew of friends there, including Sarah, Marie, Dorothy, Larry n his bro, Ariel y su mujer, Kate, Lindsey, Zach, Crystal, Ethan, Nick, John n German girl, Metal Chris, and I am probably missing someone.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Havok/ ANimas/ @ Empire 8/5/2013

Went w/ John n Kate to see Havok at Empire. Got some cheap tickets ($10) from Animas, and needed a break from work (and maybe a starter for Wintersun the next day!). Ran into Ariel n his buddy, Marie, Matt R., Rachel (out of her hair band element!),  and maybe one more person.

Pentagram / A Sound of Thunder/ Despite Charm/ Sons of Eddie @ Empire 8/3/2013

I wanted to catch A Sound of Thunder again, Sons of Eddie, and wanted to check out Pentagram (again, after dropping the ball when they opened for Down). I saw a bunch of people there- Neil n Michelle, Dorothy n Thereze, Brian B, the Sound of Thunder gang, Mr Nina, Bobbie, Dave, Metal Chris, and I think maybe a couple more people.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Black Sabbath @ Jiffy Lube Live 8/2/3013

We went to see Black Sabbath at Jiffy Lube Live. I had never seen Black Sabbath (W/ Ozzy) or Ozzy live before. I had to go, even if it was just lawn seats (tho $47 at the gate after fees- Jesus!)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mayhem Fest @ Jiffy Lube Live 7/24/2013 Part II

part II  (Part I here) of the Mayhem Festival. We traveled to the main stage at this point. See the part 1 for the list of friends (and enemies...John...) that we saw this day! There was not much break between Children of Bodom and another one of the bands we explicitly came to see- Amon Amarth!

Mayhem Fest @Jiffy Lube Live 7/24/2013 part I

We went to see Mayhem Fest  with Kate. It was a hella long day- noon to 11PM. We eventually met up with John, Shabba, and Michele. We saw SO MANY PEOPLE- Jessica and her friend, Iri and Julius, Ariel y su mujer y hija, Tom, Scott, Bridget, Pheobe n Matt, maybe even one more!