Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Enuff Z'Nuff / Bang Tango/ Ted Poley @ Nabb's Creek, Glen Burnie, MD 8/18/2013

I went to meet up with Tony to see some hair bands at Nabb's Creek Dock Bar in Glen Burnie. I saw Rachel  (and that guy who looks like Hulk Hogan/Vince Neil) there.

 I had never been to this place, so I was not sure what to expect. It seemed like it was out in the boonies, like the Mutiny Pirate Bar , also in Glen Burnie. It ALSO reminded me of that place because of its rather adventurous parking situation. Pretty much...park where you can.

I lucked out and  got a 'real' space when someone left, just as I was navigating the busted road. This basically was a bar, on the dock, with a lot of boats, bikers, and beer. Pretty interesting to see some people I def saw at the LA Guns show at Empire recently.  As the parking lot, the hill, and the secondary grass lot were all pretty full, the bar itself was pretty bumpin' for a Sunday night! There was a line to get up to the top level (where the bands would be). The Dock Bar was pretty big, and the beers were relatively decently priced (despite no drafts). The outside had a boardwalk/bar area on the dock. The inside had a bar, some seating area, and a small stage. There were stairs to the upstairs, where another bar, and a simple small stage in the corner. There was a balcony on this level (45 max occupancy), too. Overall there were about 80 or so people there, maybe more (the capacity upstairs was 138).  

 Ted Poley (of Danger Danger) was supposed to be on around 5:30, but ended up going on about 45 minutes later. He, actually, pretty much stole the show. The Bang Tango band rhythm section (Drummer and bassist) strolled out and Ted walked thru the crowd to take the stage. The crowd was pretty thick at this point, and pretty receptive. The  rhythm section was solid, no complaints- these guys get the short end of the stick, playing multiple sets (the bassist played in all 3 sets, 2 as bass, 1 as guitar). I've seen them in Pretty Boy Floyd, Bang Tango, Ted Poley/Danger Danger, Enuff Znuff, and probably another band. With that base, the 51 year old Ted Poley sounded great- like it was 20 years ago (or so)! He sounded about as good as he did at M3 Fest ! I still am only familiar with Danger Danger (minus their seminal classic "Naughty Naughty"), so I was not enjoying it as much as a hardcore Danger Danger fan. But the whole package sounded pretty great. Ted also had a couple rants to the crowd - including imploring the crowd to donate to animal shelters as he had no merch to sell (he sold it all, apparently), apologizing to some girl on a previous stop who was filming him (he said he almost pulled a 'Geoff Tate'!)! A couple times, Ted stepped from the small stage into the crowd. I don't know how Bang Tango or Enuff Z'Nuff had any chance of putting on a better show, with the energy level and what appeared to be genuine happiness that Ted had on stage.

Bang Tango lumbered onto the stage a bit afterward, so we strolled in from the balcony (no glass on the balcony!). Their mix was pretty rough for the first song (not sure what it was, a newer song I think), and the "Attack of Life" sounded like it was dying.  Joe had his typical rasp, sounding a bit raspier than usual. From his rambling and swaying, he also seemed to be a bit intoxicated (not new, unfortunately). He would talk about an old Bang Tango song...then go on to play a new one. He also talked about merch for sale, but there were no merch areas set up.  This, combined with the lackluster setlist (with an unnecessary cover)- I think would be one of the weakest times I've seen Bang Tango, BUT then Joe and co pulled out some Beautiful Creatures songs! They also rolled out "Wrap my Wings," something I've not heard in ages!  The crowd was noticeably less thick during their set...

Enuff Z'Nuff came on kind of abruptly, and sounded pretty solid. I'm not a big fan of them, but they are alright. I will say they probably had the most professional show of the night- no real high spots or low spots, pretty consistent. They had a big medley near the end of their step. It was kind of odd to hear it, they really should have just played another one of their Beatles influenced rock. They had a decent reaction and were a nice, smooth ending to the early night. Chip Z'Nuff sounded like the scratchiest man alive, but sang perfectly fine. I don't know what is his deal, but he was waiting outside after the show and I got a picture with him. Cool dude!

 The show was over around 9:30, early! Good for a long week, but they really should have maybe grabbed a... bigger drawing headliner. The package deals seem to draw way better. But overall, I had a fun time, despite some low points (unfortunately Bang Tango was one of those, minus 'Beautiful Creatures')

Next Show: The Cult @ The Fillmore

Nabs Creek
 Ted Poley, of Danger Danger
 Ted Poley up close
Ted Poley
Bang Tango
Me and Chip Z'Nuff

Ted Poley (6:16- 6:47)
  • Monkey Business
  • (Unknown)
  • Bang Bang
  • Don't Walk Away
  • Feels Like Love
  • Naughty Naughty

Bang Tango (7:15- 8:07)
  • (Unknown)
  • Attack Of Life
  • Suck It Up
  • Soul to Soul
  • Bring On The World
  • Dick in the System
  • Wrap your wings
  • Back in the Saddle (Aerosmith cover)
  • Drive (Beautiful Creatures cover)
  • 1 A.M. (Beautiful Creatures cover)
  • Someone Like You

Enuff Z'Nuff (8:39- 9:31)
  • (Unknown)
  • Holly Wood Ya
  • One Step Closer to You
  • (Unknown)
  • We're All Alright
  • (Unknown)
  • Baby Loves You (With medley of Summer of 69, I would walk 500 miles, just what I needed, your love, Don't stop believing, call me maybe, ?, kiss me deadly)
  • Kiss the Clown
  • Fly High Michelle
  • New Thing