Thursday, November 28, 2013

Nekrogoblikon/ Quadraxis/ Demonic Sonogram @ Empire 11/16/2013

I went to see Nekrogoblikon at Empire ($15). I saw Larry M and John S, Jen P, Kris, and Tom there. Surprisingly a decent number of people I know for a kind of... obscure band.

It was actually pretty crowded by the time I got there around 8, more than I expected. There were probably around 100 people there, not bad for what seemed like a kind of underground band. With openers I have never heard of (and ones that I cannot recommend). Nekrogoblikon had a wide merch table, simple, but very neat t shirts folded on it and displayed, with a busty girl behind it. One hoodie said "Fuck Trolls," probably in reference to the mythical creature and not internet trolls, but you never know.

Demonic Sonogram  was an... interesting mix of sights and sounds. There was no drummer, 1 guy with white face on black neck and face paint in a hot topic esque coat, a crazy bassist in shorts, a guitarist, and a girl guitarist all filled the stage... to what sounded like piped in music and vocals. Sometimes you could hear the bass, but other than that, everything sounded like it was piped in. They had a "Call me Maybe' interlude. I certainly was entertained, because I couldn't figure out what was REALLY going on. I didn't get them, it must have been an elaborate trolling or something. Cannot recommend them at all.

Quadraxis was on next, and they were also a mishmash of things. 4/5 of them had flannel shirts, and seemed very young- all looked very 'Southern Rock.' And they set up 2 stools on stage, upon which they placed what looked like a keyboard. The remaining member was a guitarist in like pastel shorts and a tank top, he seemed out of place. They had some nice riffs during the soundcheck, including some song I recognized (Motley Crue? Priest? I can't recall) that was pretty good. So, I got more interested. However, when they started after what seemed way too long between sets and a huddle. This must have been their first show, or one of their first, because these guys were a bit of  a mess, and seemed really nervous. The frontman, whose clean vocals sounded like Pickles' clean vocals, talked a bit too much without much direction. Their sound was a combination of way too many things, and none of them sounded very good. I think I heard- death metal, prog, hard rock, classic metal, some sort of 'core, and even some jazz. They started to have something that sounded  good, then they changed styles. I think they only played 2 songs, and their last song sounded completely different, in that it was consistent, but kind of generic. Oh and their keys sounded out of tune.

Nekrogoblikon started things off to their set with an introduction by John Goblikon, their goblin mascot in a button down, tie, and goblin hands and mask. The crowd was mostly assembled on the floor and were very amped with applause (after 2 less than stellar openers) when Nekrogoblikon finally took the stage. The energy the headliner brought was returned by the fans, who had several pretty wild pits- and it was pretty constant for their 50 minute set (!). Yes, that's right- ANOTHER short set that seems very common these days :/. I think one of my friends said it best- they brought about 1.5 hrs worth of energy into that 50 minutes. For only being somewhat familiar with their songs, I thought it was thoroughly entertaining.  People were jumping around, moshing, headbanging, slam dancing, crowd surfing (even Mr John Goblikon !), and generally full of energy for these admittedly kind of trolly guys.

I heard about these guys after I saw the video for "No One Survives," and a little bit of their new 'Power' EP, which they played all of at this show. I don't know how people know about them, or why they didn't tour with another ridiculous band, but I still went.  I think if I knew more of the songs I would have enjoyed it more. There was this aura of trolling about them, especially with the 'Giraffe' song. Overall, their sound was a bit chaotic, with hard to discern vocals, and keys that were kind of buried, but it all was pretty infectious. I think it was a good night, but it did seem a little overpriced.

Nekrogoblikon I
Nekrogoblikon II
Crowd surfer

Demonic Sonogram
  • ?
  • call me maybe intertlude?
  • ?

Quadraxis (8:43-8:57)

  • ?
  • Faces

9:25 The Final Countdown intro
Nekrogoblikon (9:30-10:20)
  • ?
  • Friends (in Space)
  • Nothing But Crickets
  • Prince of the Land of Stench
  • Powercore
  • Goblins Ahoy!
  • ?keys start+
  • ?fuck brad (Bears?)
  • Bells and Whistles
  • Giraffe
  • No One Survives