Monday, December 8, 2014

Death to All / Obituary / Massacre @ Empire 12/3/2014

I went to see Death to All (aka Near Death) w/ Obituary (and others) ($25) at Empire. I saw a lot of people at what seemed to be a huge Death Metal show- Miss Lindsey, Ariel y Ilem, James, Yave y Sara, Sean, Jason, Rene, Nathan w/ a J, Alie, Kris, Daniel G and Nick, Matt R, Kyler, Dorothy, Omar, Ruby, Catherine, and Metal Chris of course. This is kind of an odd tour because Death really isn't a band anymore, and the members of Death to All are playing all old Death songs, kind of like a tribute or cover band. Now I'm not complaining because this is the closest many of us will get to hear Death songs live. This was a packed show, I was surprised given the low turnout last time at the Fillmore. Looking at it  now, it seemed that 300 at the Fillmore is pretty full for Empire. So this venue was a better fit for this package.

Whoa is this Empire?

As I parked across the street due to the jam packed parking lot, I could tell it was going to be pretty well attended. After I got in and surveyed the crowd, this show seemed pretty close to sold out (~400 or so people I think). I predicted that the floor would get pretty rowdy, so I kept to the upper level for the majority of the evening.

I missed Rivers of Nihil and the other bands on the bill, unfortunately. I had wanted to catch RoH, last time I thought they were alright.

Screaming Bloody Merch

Merchandise wise, Obituary and Death had a bunch of stuff. Massacre had a few shirts  an I think a vinyl. Rivers of Nihil had a little table set up as well. Death had some side project merch as well. Most shirts were $25, the hoodies $30 or $45.

Slowly we Merch

Rivers of Merch

Basically a bit of merch. Was debating a Death shirt, but ended up not getting things. OH WELL. Still a good selection of merch for your brutal shirt needs \m/

Massacre (Terry Butler- bass, Rick Rozz-  guitar, Mike Mazzonetto- drums, Ed Webb- vox) took the stage not too long before I got there, thankfully. I hadn't had a chance to listen up on them before the show, so I was not sure apart from death metal of what to expect. Pretty much all of the members have been in other death metal bands like Obituary and Death (who are also on this bill), which made it a natural choice to have them on this tour! As a side note, they played a very well received Death cover, and had the crowd pumping their fists and yelling along!  I thought they sounded pretty great, which was rather remarkable for Empire. Their brand of death metal was like a less rugged Obituary from what I heard. I liked their set. Writing this review and looking at the metal news, I see there has been quite a but of drama from Massacre, resulting in them not being on the tour anymore!

Redneck Blur

Florida Death Metal legends Obituary were up next, and the pit really opened up and you saw the occasional crazy fist or 'slam/hardcore dancer' ruining the pit- one guy had what looked like a broken nose. Some other friends retreated to the bar or the Alchemy Room. John Tardy (vocals), David Tardy (drums), Trevor Peres  and Kenny Andrews (guitars), and Terry Butler on bass again was the lineup this evening. People were really into them, and most songs (even ones off of their latest- "Inked in Blood" were well received. As I'm only a casual Obituary fan I didn't recognize many songs, but I enjoyed their set as well, although I preferred Massacre's vocals.

Inked in Blur

The sound seemed a bit too loud (sacrilege I know), and I think I agree with one friend that the drums were kicking a bit too much as well. No one seemed to mind as they were busy moshing and headbanging where appropriate.  I've seen Obituary a couple times before, and this was definitely the best of the 3, soundwise anyways. I think they played some of the same 'classics,' but also had 2 or 3 new songs as well. If you like Florida style death metal, these guys would be your dream.

Death to Most

After a short changeover, I noticed something smelled odd. I looked over and saw that it was some sort of incense burning.  Some tape came over the PA and played an intro and then Death to All took the stage! We had Max Phelps (Cynic) handled vox and guitar, Steve DiGiorgio (Testament, etc.) was on an odd looking bass, the mighty Gene Hoglan (Dethklok, Testament, oodles of others) on drums, and Bobby Koelble on guitar. Last time I don't recall who they had in the band besides frontman Phelps who certainly sounded the part. I feel I enjoyed this go around more as I had acquired the first four albums that I didn't have before and was more familiar with the material. Max did his best Chuck Schuldiner miming like last time (no complaints here!), and the sound was still mixed pretty well. It may have been still a bit too loud on drums, which made the already harsh vocals a bit more....difficult... to appreciate.

Max = Chuck's Ghost

Setlist wise, there were about 7 different songs than the last time at the Fillmore. I've heard March to Victory do some death covers (they also opened but I got there too late)- "The Philosopher" and "Crystal Mountain" (My favourite Death song) and it was interesting to hear DTA's take on them. I think it was a good mix, but you'd have to ask one of the maniacs in the front row on their thoughts.

Packed house at Jaxxpire

The crowd went ape an the energy was a lot more electric than last year, which made me enjoy the show way more than at the Fillmore. Empire's smaller capacity had the electricity bouncing off all the walls and barely contained the joy that many had of hearing these songs live!

Next Show: IRIS DIVINE and co up in fredneck
Massacre (8:50- 9:21)

  • ?
  • False Revelation
  • Defeat Remains
  • ?
  • ?
  • Mutilation (Death cover)

Obituary (9:40-10:30)

  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ? Back from the Dead or Visions in my Head
  • ? new song
  • Violence
  • ?
  • Turned Inside Out
  • ?
  • Slowly We Rot

Death to All (10:58- 12:05)

  • The Philosopher (Death cover)
  • Leprosy / Left to Die  (Death cover)
  • Suicide Machine (Death cover)
  • Living Monstrosity (Death cover)
  • Overactive Imagination (Death cover)
  • In Human Form (Death cover)
  • Flattening of Emotions (Death cover)
  • Symbolic (Death cover)
  • Zero Tolerance (Death cover)
  • Bite the Pain (Death cover)

  • Zombie Ritual / Baptized in Blood (Death cover)
  • Crystal Mountain (Death cover)
  • Pull the Plug (Death cover)