Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dying Fetus / Exhumed/ Abiotic/ Rivers of Nihil/ Visceral Disgorge @ Empire 11/2/2013

I went to see Dying Fetus, one of several shows in the area, at Empire. This was the last night of the tour, and you could tell cause they had maybe one Dying Fetus design. It was pretty full by the time I got there, and a ton of people I knew were there too! Nick and Dan, Ariel, Jaime, Jose, Dorothy, Kris,
Bridget, Lindsey, Tara, Shelly, Sean, and Jason. I think that is everyone.

There were about 150 people there at the high point. It was pretty lively, which was nice. However, I somehow forgot the deathcore kid crowd that Dying Fetus seems to bring. And there were a couple local deathcore or something bands before Visceral Disgorge.

I listened to 1 or 2 songs from each of those locals, but I can't recall the names or much else except some generic breakdowns and some meh vocals. And the synchronized bouncing was annoying. But yet for some reason Rock moves like Priest has are great, so go figure.  I escaped to hang out with ppl. for most of these bands sets.

Visceral Disgorge was on next, I watched their whole set. They had Dying Fetus like horrible vocals, but some pretty solid and brutal guitars. There were some breakdowns too, but something about their sound was a bit more substantial and interesting. There were some ridiculous moments in the pit, as I could see karate from my vantage point. They were good, I stayed for their whole set, but not great.

Rivers of Nihil, I had heard maybe a song before, so I thought they'd be ok. They had some pretty decent guitar work, and that is what hooked me in. They had some parts where I lost interest, but I think their last 2 songs were entertaining enough. Some parts reminded me of Rings of Saturn, but way less messy.

Abiotic was another Deathcore band, but they seemed to be a bit tighter than Rivers of Nihil. They also reminded me of Rings of Saturn, but also better. I should have written this earlier, because all these core bands are getting a bit mixed up. They may have had some small bass solo and some cleaner guitar solos. Their singer looked REALLY into it and may or may not have blown a blood vessel during their set. Their energy made them a bit more entertaining than Rivers of Nihil.

Exhumed, whom I've seen two times before this show, were up next! They had a similar show to their last 2 performances that I've seen, but since they just had an album come out, they had a different setlist that featured new songs. Their evil surgeon had the same tricks of defibrillator, the beer revival, and of course the chainsaw. I believe that he stage dived at one point, almost not getting caught. Their set was the tightest of the night so far, and probably the most enjoyable so far as well.

By the time Dying Fetus went on I was a bit out of it, so they sounded pretty great, from what I can recall. I still am only cursorily familiar with them, so not sure how good/bad their setlist actually was- just that they play KYMRYD and Homicidal Retribution. Those songs are killer.  The vocals were a bit rubbish as expected, but the drums and guitar were crushing. Just how it should be! The crowd seemed to be pretty crazy, but maybe a little thinned out after all the 'core bands stopped playing. Or maybe a little more controlled chaos. In any event, their show itself was bare bones- they didn't really need a show with their crushing sound. It seemed like they had a short set, but I think they played about an hour. my notes are not complete about their start time.

PS tequila rules

Rivers of Nihil
Dying Fetus


Visceral Disgorge (7:30- 7:58)
  • ?
  • ?
  • Strangled and Sodomized
  • ?(new song)
  • Necrocoprophagia
  • Skull Fucking Neonatal Necrosis

Rivers of Nihil (8:15- 8:41)
  • ?
  • ?
  • Birth of the Omnisavior
  • Mechanical Trees

Abiotic (8:58- 9:22)
  • ?
  • To Burgeon and Languish
  • Perceptive Impurity
  • Vermosapien 
Exhumed (9:41- 10:24)
  • ?
  • ?
  • In the Name of Gore
  • Limb from limb
  • Coins Upon Eyes
  • ? new song (probably Dysmorphic)
  • ?
  • solo
  • ?

Dying Fetus ( - 11:40)
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • Homicidal Retribution
  • ?
  • ?
  • Second Skin
  • The Blood of Power
  • ?
  • ?
  • Kill Your Mother, Rape Your Dog
  • ? Destruction

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