Sunday, September 30, 2012

Skeletonwitch @ Ottobar 9/29/2012

Went to see Skeletonwitch @ the Ottobar in godforsakenBaltimore with John last night. Got the hookup from a local band for tix. We got there a little late so didn't get to hear what they sounded like live, but the dude Sean was pretty cool. Parking lot was pretty full when we got there around 8:30. Saw Ruby there a little before Skeletonwitch came on and the Spanish guys who were at Def Leppard/Scorpions/various black metal shows.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

KIX @ Rams Head Live 9/22/2012

I went to see the Kix band @ Ram's Head Live 9/22/2012. I met up with Tony, his cousin, and his moms and pops. Almost a whole family affair. I've been to a couple shows with them plus his brother, another couple cousins and uncles. Talk about bonding experience.

Korpiklaani @ Empire, 9/21/2012

Went to see Korpiklaani with Moonsorrow, Tyr, and Mestatoll @ Empire (Empire). Milla, John, and Kate came with. Saw Dorothy there, slacking with Yesterday's Saints. Nina (A Sound of Thunder) and her husband were hanging out there, too! This must have been a close to sell out show, as we had to park across the street and walk over. The main room was PACKED with people, and the familiar stank of the unwashed assaulted any who dare open the door to the main room.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kamelot @ Empire 9/14/2012

Went to see Kamelot with Milla, John, and Kate as the final show of the metal show gauntlet this week. I got tix before hand ($20) from the local band A Sound of Thunder. Cassandra Syndrome and A Sound of Thunder opened for them, but we got there too late to see Cassandra Syndrome. There were a lot of people there, the floor was packed. It was even rough as we had to park further away. I was looking forward to this show for a while, as I am a big Kamelot fan. Dorothy showed up at some point too- I think she has some business dealings with Alissa from the Agonist. Dave was there too and we totally chatted about METAL and WRESTLING. cool!

Primordial @ Empire 9/12/2012

Went to see Primordial  with While Heaven Wept and Cormorant @ Empire (empire) ($15 tix). This was show 3 of the Metal Gauntlet. There were about 60 or so people there at the most. Most bands had CDs and shirts, but Primordial just had shirts. I got a WHW CD ($15.). I initially was way more pumped for While Heaven Wept  (despite the horrible band name), based on the smooth progressive metal with clean vocals that I heard. But I will say that Primordial has got to be the 4th best Irish band (after Thin Lizzy ,Gary Moore , and VNV Nation(unless you don't count them as Irish))

Smyphony X @ Baltimore Soundstage 9/11/2012

I went to see Symphony X (w Aries) @ the Baltimore Soundstage , show II of the metal show gauntlet week. I forgot how far Baltimore is...maybe I shoulda gone to the DC Show instead...X_X; It also was a bit pricier than anticipated ($28 bucks...pretty sure the site had $23 as the quoted price...). Dorothy was at this show as well. This show was pretty well attended- about 130 or so people (including the opening bands). It was my first time at the Soundstage, which is smaller than Jaxx/Empire. 

Obituary @ Empire 9/10/2012

Went to see Obituary at EMPIRE (empire) 9/10/2012. Supporting them were Broken Hope, Decrepit Birth, Jungle Rot, and Encrust. This was day 1 of the concert gauntlets. 4 concerts in 1 5 days. BRUTAL. As I was walking up, some dude in one of the local bands was hawking tix, so I grabbed on ($15, cheaper than the door!). I think there was one band finishing when I got in, but I don't know who it was.

I immediately saw that there were way more people than anticipated for a Monday show! At the max I think there were about 120 people there (more than the recent Kataklysm show that was on a Friday!). Dorothy went to this show, too. There was a sizable merch area with a ton of shirts (see below). I thought Obituary's stars and bars bandana was pretty ....interesting.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Icon of Coil @ Empire 9/6/2012

Went to see Icon of Coil / [:SiTD:] /Ego Likeness /Platform One @ Empire (Jaxx) with John and Kate ($23). I think this was a Spellbound promotion. There was a pretty good turnout, IMO..about 120 people or so. Saw Matt H., Phoebe, and some other people who frequent midnight there too! Some interesting people as always, a cute girl with bat backpack, a girl with a mostly shaved head and head tattoo, a very tall dude in a kilt, a guy in a mesh shirt and gasmask, etc. As John said, there were a TON of chicks there (as opposed to the sausage fest at...most metal shows). This was a late show, doors at 8:00 X_X: Note, this was also their first stop for this tour, and first USA tour in like 8 years! That's 2 first tour stops in 2 days for me (Accept/Kreator and Icon of Coil) !

Kreator @ Howard Theater, September 5th, 2012

Went with John to see Kreator w/ Accept and Swallow the Sun on Sept. 5 at the Howard Theater in DC. We metro'd down and got tickets ($32.50). The newly renovated theater was maybe a minute's walk (not even) from the metro. Saw Ruby and Dorothy there. There were about a little over 100 people there.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Kataklysm @ Empire 8/31/2012

Went to see Kataklysm w/ Fleshgod Apocalypse , Vital Remains, and Rose Funeral at Empire w/ John and Milla ($18). We got there as Rose Funeral was finishing up... their last 2 songs I think. I wasn't impressed by them. There was a pretty good crowd there (~100 people at the fullest). I'd not seen any of these bands before, so I was not sure what crowd to expect besides crazy moshing.