Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Kix/ Nightsbridge @ Rams Head Live 9/28/2013

We went to see Kix at Rams Head Live (again).  M won tickets from DC Heavy Metal (hey this isn't a metal show, but close enough), so I was pretty pumped.  As this was a Baltimore show and this was Kix, it was going to be a wild night. Saw Tom and Brian B there. I think Rachel was there but I'm pretty sure she got there at some early hour to get up front.

We got there and Rams Head was predictably packed with people. It was pretty busy, but I was able to get some Coheed and Cambria tickets as well. We did get there before Nightsbridge came on, so we got a couple cheap drinks (but only a few minutes before).  This must have been close to if not sold out.

Nightsbridge was a 5 piece (kind of hard) rock band. They seems like a mishmash of style on top of some liter rock. Singer looked (and sounded) like a poor man's M Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold, the one guitarist looked like he was in a pop-punk or indie band, the other guitarist looked like Justin Beiber, the bassist looked like he stepped out of an old school Anthrax or Municipal Waste video, and the drummer reminded me of one of those younger guys in an old hair band. Regardless, they didn't sound BAD, but they were not memorable. They have potential, but it all seemed like I had heard it before. They had two covers, both good choices- "Thunderstruck" and "Highway Star" for a show like this. The guitarists were no Ritchie Blackmore, they kind of didn't do a great job on the solos, but the rest of the song was pretty good. They had an OK crowd reaction, but it wasn't the best.

Kix came on a bit later, and then the crowd really came alive (as usual). They started off wit some older tunes, and played... a pretty standard set. If you've seen Kix before, you've seen this show. No complaints from me at all about the music or the performance. The banter was a little fresher, as it was 2 of the member's birthdays. Also of note was the hyping of talk of new music... and then an old song was played instead. You KNOW 90% of the people there are going to pick up the new Kix album, regardless of if it is good or not.

Steve Whiteman and the boys sounded as good as ever- he's still jumpin' around like a maniac. Tho I think I did notice during a guitar solo that Brian (I think) missed a note or 2 (which as many times as I've seen them, was rather peculiar). They are still putting on the same show, so there's the umbrella, the rants, even the sparkler mic. I suppose we've not see the "For Shame" vest, the balloons, and the confetti bucket in a while. Make no mistake, it was still fun, and I had a good time, even if I was very tired.  We did leave during "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" tho.  

There were no real deep cuts, as someone who's seen Kix about 10 times by now, would enjoy, after hearing pretty much the same set every time. That is the only real disappointment- nothing really different. Maybe when they come by for Kix-mas in December they may have a new song or 2!

Kix II

Nightsbridge (9:13- 9:40)
  • Shake this city
  • ?(sounded like a T-Rex song)
  • Thunderstruck (AC/DC cover)
  • Tooth and Nail (not the Dokken song)
  • Chasing the Sun
  • Highway Star (Deep Purple cover)
  • Blackbird
Kix (10:16- 12ish)
  • Kix are for kids
  • Atomic bombs
  • No ring around Rosie
  • The itch
  • Like like a rug
  • Same Jane
  • Girl money
  • Don't close your eyes
  • She Dropped me the bomb
  • Red Hot (black and blue)
  • Guitar solo
  • Cold Blood
  • Drum Solo
  • Cold Shower
  • Blow my Fuse
  • Midnight Dynamite
  • Hot wire
  • yeah yeah yeah