Thursday, November 28, 2013

Slayer/ Gojira/ 4Arm @ Fillmore Silver Spring 11/19/2013

We went to see SLAYER (w/ Gojira) at the Fillmore (a pricey $45!!), for an insanely packed show (must have been close to if not sold out). I figured this may be one of the last times to see them again, with drama and then Jeff Hanneman's recent passing. So of course a ton of people were there- I don't think I recall all of them. Ms Lindsey, Marie and Rolland,Ariel y su Mujer,  Kim and her friend, at least (Sangriiiiiiiiiaaa).

Nekrogoblikon/ Quadraxis/ Demonic Sonogram @ Empire 11/16/2013

I went to see Nekrogoblikon at Empire ($15). I saw Larry M and John S, Jen P, Kris, and Tom there. Surprisingly a decent number of people I know for a kind of... obscure band.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Appetite For Destruction/ Red White & Crue/ Poison'd @ The FIllmore, Silver Spring 11/15/2013

I won tickets off of bookface ($0) to see a horribly promoted show even *I* didn't hear about until the day before, hair band cover bands at The Fillmore (I think it was like $16 for a normal ticket). The bookface post had 25 pairs of tickets to give out. so that was about 50 tickets. I met up with Josh P and we hit up this free show

Morbid Angel / VadimVon/ Yesterday's Saints/ Visceral Disgorge @Baltimore Soundstage 11/9/2013

I went to see Morbid Angel ($25, seemed a bit pricey) up in Baltimore at the Soundstage. I am actually not that familiar with Morbid Angel, but they come highly recommended by several friends. There were a number of people, Ms Lindsey, the AWESOME STEVE HARRIS, Ethan, DanPaytas, Dorothy, Ariel y su mujer, Jaime, Matt R, Sean, Jason, and maybe someone else

Monday, November 11, 2013

Rock Harvest II: Ashes of Ares/ A Sound of Thunder @ House of Rock, 11/7/2013

I went to the much metaldramafilled and kind of Pricey ($25) Rock Harvest II to see Ashes of Ares and A Sound of Thunder. This was the first concert of 3 shows at the House of Rock that was initially slated to have like 30 bands of various fame levels, but many rarely seen, to play for the charity Fallen Blue. Various reports of bands dropping off, reasons why, conflicting stories, and a tiff with Metal Sludge's Stevie Rachelle all fed into the who is actually playing factor. Bands dropping off until and including the day of! This is no Maryland Deathfest here, people. I did see a number of people including Nick and Bobbie, Dave, Tom, Brian B, the A Sound of Thunder crew, and maybe someone else.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Finntroll/ Blackguard/ Metsatöll/ Yesterdays Saints/ Sekengard @ Empire 11/4/2013

We went to see Finntroll's opening night of their 2013 North American tour ($20). This was also an interesting night because it would be the first time we would see Blackguard in ages, and the debut of local folk metal band Sekengard. We met up with John and Kate, Annie, Mike G, Sarah, Dan P, Robbie, ChrisWolf, Marie, Chris, Heavy Metal Chris, Iri, arch nemesis Ethan, Patricia, Scott, Antonio, Joel, Sean, Jason, Dorothy, Ariel y su Mujer, Jaime, Paul and Christine, LEX, and maybe a couple  more.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Watain / In Solitude/ Tribulation @Baltimore Soundstage 11/3/2013

I won tickets off of bookface to see Watain! Brought ms Lindsey to hang out. This was the last night of the tour, so that's 2 last nights in 2 days. I had not seen Watain headline, and was not sure about the openers. It had been too long since my last black metal show, but I was feeling a bit tired for corpsepaint. oh well. I saw a number of people at this show- Sarah, Lindsey, Jose, Sean, Jason, Dorothy, and maybe another.

Dying Fetus / Exhumed/ Abiotic/ Rivers of Nihil/ Visceral Disgorge @ Empire 11/2/2013

I went to see Dying Fetus, one of several shows in the area, at Empire. This was the last night of the tour, and you could tell cause they had maybe one Dying Fetus design. It was pretty full by the time I got there, and a ton of people I knew were there too! Nick and Dan, Ariel, Jaime, Jose, Dorothy, Kris,
Bridget, Lindsey, Tara, Shelly, Sean, and Jason. I think that is everyone.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Death Angel/ 3 Inches of Blood/ Battlecross/ Revocation @ Empire 10/30/2013

I went to see Death Angel at Empire w/ a variety of pretty fun bands. In particular the true metal of 3 Inches of Blood \m/ Unfortunately a couple of friends were ill and could not make it :(  However, there were a number of cool people there! Neil and Michelle, Ray, Renae, Ariel y su mujer, Jaime, Jose, Sean and Annie, Cooley, and Nathan with a J!

Arkona/ Fallen Martyr/ Yesterday's Saints/ Burning Shadows / Vitality @ Cafe 611 10/28/2013

We went up to Cafe 611 to catch Arkona on the first stop of their headline tour!  We apparently got there way early, because we actually got to see the first band (unheard of at Cafe 611).  We met up with a buncha fun friends- Iri, Ashley, their friend, Larry, Brittany, Nathan with a J, Annie, and even the couple who goes to a lot of these Fredneck shows.