Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Death Angel/ 3 Inches of Blood/ Battlecross/ Revocation @ Empire 10/30/2013

I went to see Death Angel at Empire w/ a variety of pretty fun bands. In particular the true metal of 3 Inches of Blood \m/ Unfortunately a couple of friends were ill and could not make it :(  However, there were a number of cool people there! Neil and Michelle, Ray, Renae, Ariel y su mujer, Jaime, Jose, Sean and Annie, Cooley, and Nathan with a J!

I got there in time to see Revocation, whom I have seen before in 2012 . I think they sounded better this time, but still something seemed lacking/not distinctive. They kept demanding circle pits for some reason. They eventually got one (on the last song), but it wasn't a very strong one. They had some pretty good riffs, and were very energetic. I don't know what I exactly didn't like, but nothing really 'grabbed' me about them. There are worse bands.

Battlecross, whom I had missed at a headline show/watched from afar at Mayhem Fest, was on next. They sounded surprisingly clear for most of the set and oddly announced the name of every song rather distinctly. They had pretty killer NWOBHM dual guitars (including a really short guitarist), with some OK vocals. The crowd seemed to dig them, and there was a bit of moshing. Their guitars really drew me in, like Vitality at the Arkona show. I could take or leave the vocals, but I think I will have to listen some more. Overall a bit overhyped but better than I had expected.

As this was near Halloween, there was a guy in a Gorilla costume, and some couple brought their young son, in some Power Rangers costume. The kid was having a ball with the Gorillaguy, and that was pretty funny to watch.

Three Inches of Blood, one of the 2 bands I was AMPED to see, was up next. I headed down to the floor and then proceeded to enjoy the truest of metals.  The Fanfare of 'Metal Woman' was followed up by the intensity of 'Deadly Sinners,' my favourite 3 Inches of Blood song. I couldn't resist jumping into the pit for that. After that song, I was out of energy and I had to retreat to the Alchemy Room. They had a pretty great set, including their Dio tribute tune 'Look Out' and the very 'Painkiller'esque 'Leather Lord.'  Way better than the last time I saw them, years ago, opening for Megadeth I think.

At this point I decided to try and watch Death Angel from the side, and try to recover. Death Angel sounded pretty great, they had a number of new songs in this set. Last time they played their Ultraviolence in its entirety, and this was the support for their latest album.  There was not as much moshing for them as I had expected. I think people were feeling tired or something. Mark Osegueda was very appreciative of fans, and talked about their rigorous touring schedule as well as lineup changes. Overall, they sounded solid, nothing really to complain about. Except that they teased the Ultraviolence with a snippet. That was pretty annoying. Otherwise, it was thrashy as last time, maybe a bit crisper sounding, but if you like Death Angel, you need to go see them live.

Three Inches of Blood
Death Angel


Battlecross (8:28- 8:56)
  • Man of Stone
  • Breaking you
  • never coming back
  • Force Fed Lies
  • Beast
  • Flesh& Bone
  • Push Pull Destroy

3 Inches (9:17- 9:53)
  • Metal Woman
  • Deadly Sinners
  • ?
  • Crazy Nights
  • Demon's Blade
  • Leather Lord
  • Look Out
  • Battles and Brotherhood

Death Angel (10:28 -11:57)

  • Left For Dead
  • Son of the Morning
  • Mistress of Pain
  • Fallen
  • Relentless Revolution
  • Claws In so Deep
  • This Dream Calls for BLood
  • Seemingly Endless Time
  • Succubus
  • Execution- Don't Save Me
  • Thicker than Blood
  • Sonic Beatdown
  • Caster of Shame
  • Lord of Hate
  • Truce
  • Thrown to the Wolves
  • UltraViolence outro snippet