Sunday, December 1, 2013

Overkill/ Kreator/ Warbringer/ A Sound of Thunder @ Empire 11/22/2013

I went with John to see Overkill headline on this night of thrash ($30!) at Empire/Jaxx. Now, this was a pricey show, but it was a night full of thrash. This was a nearly if not sold out show (a rare sight at Empire these days!), so it was strangely crowded. I saw Dorothy, Ariel y su Mujer, DanPaytas, Scott, Bobbie, Dave, Tom, Brittany, Ms Lindsey, Nathan with a J, Ray, Michelle, Neil, Nicole and Dan, and more!

As we got there, due to traffic and stupid weather, we saw only the last couple songs of A Sound of Thunder, and a strangely full house at Empire.

Overkill had a shirt w/ VA on the back that I was considering, among what seemed like 10 shirts. Kreator had several shirts as well, but nothing struck me. Warbringer had some kind of surprisingly lame looking shirts. Thrash bands seem to have a ton of merch

A Sound of Thunder sounded pretty great, so that was good- a shame we didn't get to hear more. Especially when I was told they did a new song (!!). Still, the thrashy crowd was pretty receptive. I certainly wanted to hear more, but it was not to be.  Even the Empire security guy was watching at A Sound of Thunder finish their set from the back of the stage, perhaps to make sure they got off at a certain time. I've seen them cut off before, and I was not relishing the prospect of it, but thankfully they got off shortly.

Warbringer was on next, to start the triple threat of thrash tonight!  I actually don't know what they played at all. I was busy eating for some reason and didn't really get to see or concentrate on their set. So they basically sounded like new thrash (Havok, Toxic Holocaust, etc.), nothing special, but nothing bad. I had previously seen them with Iced Earth, I think they sounded a bit better (and they certainly held my attention more). I think the crowd dug them because I saw several pits.

Kreator was up next, and I took to the floor for them. They had a kind of annoying lights that were backlighting them and you could not really make the band out beyond silhouettes most of the time. Some times they were visible in spotlights, but most of the time they were vague looking.  Now that was only a minor annoyance due to how great they were. I think they were better than the last time I saw them- headline over Accept at the Howard theatre. Looking at the set times, they played a full headline set (1 hr, 20 minutes), 20 minutes more than Overkill! How did THAT happen??  Regardless, they sounded great and the crowd was pretty into it. They teased a couple songs before "the Flag of Hate" - including "Painkiller," while waving such a flag. I don't know what all the deal was, but the long set from Kreator was unexpected, but appreciated.

Overkill finally came on an HOUR later (looking at the times), in a strange turn of events. I don't know why it took them so long to come on, but I didn't notice it at the time (too much). Bobby Blitz was way better sounding this time, and def not sick. There was a deep cut  of "Who Tends the Fire" that was unexpected as well. The other songs sounded pretty solid, but there was an overall sense of urgency that was lacking in their set that Kreator had.  I, again, was a little disappointed with Overkill again. That's 2/2 times for being underwhelmed, I don't get it, cause the crowd was pretty animated. Hell, even I hit up the pit briefly for "Ironbound." I am not sure what exactly was not right, but I didn't enjoy their set as much as I think I should have. Bobby left the stage during solos a lot, which he did last time, but was still strange.

Update 12/5: Forgot about the guy who was crowd surfing and did a FACEPLANT of about 5 ft... and was carried out. I was sure I saw him later, but I am not positive. And then the like 12 yr old kid who was smashing people in the pit and being catapulted back and forth. Really wild! His lemonfaced girl friend was NOT loving it tho.

Overall, it was a pretty great night, full of great people, good music, and a little inebriation. A pretty great night for a show, hope to see more nights like this at Empire! Keep the scene alive!  

A sound of Thunder
Kreator w/ strange lighting

A Sound of Thunder (- 7:18)
  • Out of the Darkness
  • A Sound of Thunder

Warbringer (7:38- 8:09)

Kreator (8:30 -9:47) (may be missing one)
  • Phantom Antichrist
  • From Flood into Fire
  • Warcurse
  • Pleasure to Kill
  • Hordes of Chaos
  • Riot of Violence
  • Enemy of God
  • ---
  • Phobia
  • Violent Revolution
  • Civilization Collapse
  • Flag of Hate (w/ Painkiller snippet)

Overkill (10:39- 11:49)
  • Come and Get it
  • Wrecking Crew
  • Electric Rattlesnake
  • Hammerhead
  • Rotten to the Core
  • Bring me the Night
  • Ironbound
  • Who Tends the Fire
  • In Union
  • Overkill
  • Elimination
  • Coma
  • Fuck You