Saturday, September 20, 2014

Puya @ the Howard Theater 9/16/2014

I went to see Puerto Rican band Puya ($8.5 goldstar tickets! $25 regular) at the swanky Howard Theater. I met up with Ariel, James, and Raul y su mujer!  There were more than a few boricua there! The Howard Theater intermittently shows heavy concerts, and this was probably the first since 2013's Mago de Oz show. It's so odd what acts they have there, because it is a primarily black music focused, and I think they try to grab the Latin acts as well (which is good because it's a nice place. Nice, but expensive). And then they'll have the random act like Kreator or Ginger Baker.

As I entered the venue and Goldstar'd it up, I was kind of bummed and happy at the same time to see maybe 100 people in attendance this evening. I don't know how well this got promoted, but there were apparently 2 opening bands as well- but they were both done by the time I got there around 8:30. I know Silence the Blind played but I don't know how they went over. I don't know why there always seems to be a promotion/advertising problem for several shows that I've been to here.

After the show I noticed that they were discreetly selling some shirts ($25) and a live DVD. I don't know why they didn't have them on display much more obviously and before/during the show.

Metal guitarist

Puya is a Puerto Rican band that blends metal, thrash, hardcore, punk, rap, "nu metal," and a bit of Latin music of some kind for an interesting mix. So basically they were kind of like Disturbed crossed with Papa Roach, crossed w/ Suicidal Tendencies, crossed with Anthrax. I was kind of on the fence about going, but my friends convinced me (along with the pretty low prices). Also it was a chance to bond con mis hermanos tambien. So things were lookin up n up minus traffic.

Call Suicidal, we found their bassist

Puya had a short video over the screens and then the curtain dropped and Puya was... just there with a Howard Theater logo on the screen. It was a low key show, as there was not much of a show, just the band, and a small, intimate crowd. There was a drummer (Eduardo Paniagua), a percussionist (bongos, etc.), a metal looking guitarist (Ramon Ortiz), a vocalist (Sergio Curbelo)  (kind of reminded me of the Latin version of Ivan Moody of Five Finger Death Punch), and a bassist (Harold Hopkins Miranda) who stepped out of Suicidal Tendencies. Also there was a backup vocalist in the... back.  They came on to some decent applause, and then they immediately launched into songs.

La Banda

Puya's front man was a little odd as he would growl some vocals and rap others. It was like 1999 all over again with "nu- metal" or something. Also, he would intersperse some sort of dancing (what is this, Romeo Santos?) before getting back to vocals. I enjoyed the groove, but I was not digging the vocals. I was nodding my head most of the time tho, and there were a couple small pits on like the last two songs. The guitarist had solos, but they did seem kind of tacked on (tho he was pretty good). The bass was a bit too loud soundwise, but he was also pretty groovy. Pretty much everyone was up in the first 3 or 4 rows of people, then there was a line up on the raised bar area on the rail.

Gracias a Ariel  para un foto del 'setlist'

Setlist wise, I can't say much because I only heard a couple songs before this show. By how the crowd sounded, they seemed to have a good set. I was told a little of the history of the band by some people who had seen them years ago and/or in Puerto Rico where they had a much bigger draw. They had a kind of decent set time (1 hr, 14 minutes), but it really didn't seem that long. I was home by 11:30, after some shenanigans.

A little rap dance

Overall, it was fun seeing a different band with friends (especially with those who knew them from long ago), and to stay in touch with my roots (well close), bloody roots. Not really my cup of tea but still good.

next Show: ELUVEITIE w/ Tyr n Metsatoll.

Puya (9- 10:14)

  • Intro
  • Ride
  • Erizo
  • Areyto
  • Ni Antes Ni Despues
  • Sal Pa' Fuera 
  • Móntate 
  • Solo
  • Rémora
  • Fundamental 
  • Tirale
  • Numbed
  • Pa' Ti Pa' Mi 
  • Oasis