Monday, March 24, 2014

Children of Bodom/ Death Angel / Tyr @ Fillmore Silver Spring 3/21/2014

I went to see Children of Bodom ($10) with Tyr and Death Angels at the Fillmore, Silver Spring. This will be a short and pretty bad review because I unfortunately got too boracho. I saw Ariel y su mujer, James, Rod, Dwayne, Chris, Sean, Dan P, Meghan, Sarah, Evan, Robin, Erich, Dorothy, Miss Lindsey, Joel, Ethan, Matt R, ZACH, Marie, KRIS, BRIDGET, JEN P, and maybe a couple others.

We got there around 7:45 or so, and there were not as many people there as I had expected. The balcony top was closed on the sides, so def not near a sell out. It did get crowded on the bottom, but it was manageable.  All bands were touring with new albums recently out, so that was cool, too. I only saw COB's merch table at the front with their ... kind of reused reaper designs. I know Tyr and Death Angel had merch booths on the side (which are always a PITA to get to cause of all the damn people around). I dunno what they had, probably shirts of their new album, along with their respective CDs.

Tyr- sounded close to the album as humanly possible. Clean singing, clear guitars and a lot of energy. I think the crowd was pretty good to them, tho I didn't notice too much movement til the end (tho I wasn't really watching the crowd a lot).  These guys have the cult folk following that always complains about them getting short set times. Go to their shows, buy their albums, buy the merch, spread the word- that's how you try to help these guys get bigger!  Regardless of the short set time, they sounded great and were an excellent opener. Of course I'd like to have heard more, but I knew that was not in the cards. Despite how good it sounded, "Mare of My Night" just has some cheesy lyrics. The last time I saw them they sounded great too, and I think I will not be a little fussy thinking about how they had to have a short set... I saw Death Angel more recently, so I think that made their set a little less exciting.

Death Angel- Around the middle of their set I think things started to get fuzzy. They came out strong and I swore I heard "Claws," but it really was not anything different from any other Death Angel set (which is good- consistency, and bad- kind of ... I've seen this before). I still enjoy Death Angel and def thought what I recalled from their set sounded nice and LOUD. They've played several times in the past few years, including at the first Fillmore Silver Spring Metal show (2011).

Children of Bodom came on around 10, according to some blurry ass photo timestamps I have. I was so pumped to see them after their short set at Mayhem fest. Their last headline show I saw was in 2012  and it was way past time for a long set from them. However it was not to be as I only recall spots of some keyboards and maybe even wanting to go into the pit because I knew they were going to play "Bodom Beach Terror," one of my favourites. So then to make a long story short I had to leave and now I am watching some videos people took at the show to try and make myself less furious. Let's not talk about this night again.

Overall, I thought Tyr was great, Death Angel was solid, and I imagine COB was amazing. I am kicking myself for dropping the ball here. Inconclusive, but I know the parts I missed kicked ass. :(

Next Show: Maybe The Aborted at Empire, def Tesseract at Empire


Tyr 2
Death Angel
Children of Bodom


Tyr (7:56- 8:25)
  • Hold the Heathen Hammer High
  • Blood of Heroes
  • Mare of My Night
  • Lady of the Slain
  • Shadow of the Swastika

Death Angel (8:45- 9:27)
  • Left for Dead
  • Son of the Morning
  • Claws in So Deep
  • Succubus
  • Execution - Don't Save Me
  • The Dream Calls for Blood
  • Mistress of Pain
  • The Ultra Violence Intro / Thrown To The Wolves

Children of Bodom (10- 11:30) (thanks Setlist and yubtub)
  • Sixpounder
  • Living Dead Beat
  • Bodom Beach Terror
  • Halo of Blood
  • Scream for Silence
  • Hate Crew Deathroll
  • Lake Bodom
  • Kissing the Shadows
  • Dead Man's Hand on You
  • Are You Dead Yet?
  • Blooddrunk
  • Angels Don't Kill
  • Towards Dead End
  • Hate Me!
  • Downfall

  • In Your Face