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Fleshgod Apocalypse / Carach Angren/ Abigail Williams @ Metro Gallery 2/11/2016

I went to see Italy's Fleshgod Apocalypse ($22.50) at the Metro Gallery in godforsakenBaltimore.  I saw Ariel, Maery, Dorothy, Scott, Sean D, Jason, Renee, Renae, Zach, Joel, Antonio, Dylan, Danielle, and Daniel G there. The one-two punch of the black metal Carach Angren and then the pummeling symphonic death metal of Fleshgod Apocalypse was a big draw for me. I got my ticket in advance for what would be a pretty packed show.

Fleshgod Apocalypse from Italia!


Dealgod APocalypse CDs
Fleshgod Shortspocalypse

Abigail Williams, where you can disappointingly read the logo

Merchandise was aplenty, and not too horribly priced. The most interesting things were the Fleshgod Shortspocalypse. Sorely missed were their Fleshgod Apastalypse and wine (no, really). Most shirts were $25, and most CDs were $10-15 (!!). I ended up getting a shirt with the KING on it. I also grabbed a boxed release of Carach Angren's- a pretty merch rich night! I was definitely glad to support these guys and increase my STUFF supply.

Abigail Williams was heavy

American band Abigail Williams was still stuck opening, since 2012 at least. These guys never seemed to take off; I've only seen them open for various tours. I recall seeing them Their look is still a bit conflicting with their black metal sound- which always throws me off. I wasn't particularly impressed with their set, but it wasn't bad. It just wasn't interesting to me. I think I was more excited to see the other bands. By the time I settled in, they were basically done their set.

Spectral Infantry Baltimorians

This photographer is not a great one

It seemed that Dutch black metallers Carach Angren seemed to be missing a couple of members, as they only had a vocalist, guitarist, and drummer. The bass and keys were piped in I believe. I looked it up later and they actually are a trio. Regardless, they brought an intensity to this evening that was well received! I had heard that they were very good live from friends, and thankfully I really enjoyed their set, and the crowd really was into them as well. I would end up seeing these guys three times this year, this being the first time I'd ever seen them live. I, as expected with black metal + Metro Galley's less than stellar sound system, was not able to make out a large portion of their lyrics, so there are a couple gaps. Their tremendous performance prompted me to snag a CD after the show.

When corpse paint claps on windows

Bloodstains on the Metro Gallery's lights

Overall- Carach Angren had a great sound, even if I didn't know/recognize all the songs. My favourite was "Spectral...", in which the frontman Dennis "Seregor" Droomers donned a crown/skull mask and lead the start-stop of that song. He was full of energy for every song, and I think that carried over to the crowd as well. Later I also got a foto with them.

2/3 of Carach Angren, BROTHER

The Italian symphonic (yet melodic) death metal headliners Fleshgod Apocaylpse somehow managed to squeeze 6 people and a faux piano on the tiny Metro Gallery stage. Their signature tattered tuxedo outfits reminded me of Iron Maks's "God Punishes I Kill" video. I thought that they would play more from their new King Album, but we only got a couple songs. The crowd did not complain, as they got moving to moshing in short order. I seem to recall a wall of death, but I can't recall when it happened. My favourite track of the evening was "Minotaur," which always sounds super-heavy live.

MAskgod Apocalypse

Fleshgod Winepocalypse
Librarygod Apocalypse

The stage tried to compress the grandiosity that Fleshgod brought, but to no avail. We had a curvy Opera singer in a mask with a staff who actually sang the parts, various props used (that damn book, a glass of wine, etc.), and the sheer intensity of the music! The faux piano (which had a keyboard in it) was kind of ridiculous, but the bald organ/synth/keyboard/piano player really got into it. I can't complain about anyone's performance as they sounded great to me. I don't know what effects that bass player gets those high vocals, but they always cut thru the brutality to soaring heights.
The Packing (of people on stage)

I was a bit disappointed that they only played an hour, but Carach Angren played about 50 minutes, so it was close to a co-headlining show, so I guess that was pretty cool. I think I was also pretty into the new album, so was a bit disappointed we didn't get more from that. But seeing Carach for the first time, and another great performance from FGA was all aces to me.

Bonus: Guitargod Solopocalypse

Next show: Jeff Scott Soto

Abigail Williams (?9:05- 9:25)

  • ? long last song

Carach Angren (9:44- 10:32)

  • There's No Place Like Home
  • ?
  • Lingering in an Imprint Haunting?
  • When Crows Tick on Windows
  • ?
  • Carriage Wheel Murder
  • Spectral Infantry Battalions
  • Bitte Tötet Mich
  • Bloodstains on the Captain's Log

Fleshgod Apocalypse (11:09- 12:15)

  • In Aeternum
  • Minotaur (The Wrath of Poseidon)
  • Pathfinder
  • Requiem In Si Minore
  • The Fool
  • Prologue
  • Epilogue (with book)
  • In Honour of Reason
  • The Forsaking

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